New Year's Day Ride


Friday, January 1

Let’s start the new year off right. If you’re not too hung over from the previous night’s festivities, join us for a mixed terrain ride on the streets and hills surrounding Carson City.

West side riders meet at 1 Sierra Circle at 10:00 am. Sierra Circle is off of Long St., one block east of Mountain St. We’ll travel east and pick up any east side riders who wish to attend.

Route: The goal is to ride up Goni Rd (McClellan Pk.) as far as we can. We’ll eventually have to turn around, at which point we’ll take the double track which connects Goni Rd to Duck Hill Rd.

From Duck Hill Rd. we’ll ride back to Carson City.
Used Pugsley tire for sale.

I expect the ride to take between two and three hours.
Let me know if you would like to go.

13 thoughts on “New Year's Day Ride

  1. Don’t know where that is? I was going to go to 1 Sierra Circle. Tell me the best place and I will be there at 10am.

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