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I’m working on a 2009 Year in Review post, but while you wait, here is a collection of interesting cycling stories and news items I found around the Internet this week.

The Fargo from Salsa Cycles – #1 pick on the Top Ten 29″er Products Of ‘09. has picked the Fargo from Salsa Cycles as its #1 pick on the Top Ten 29″er Products Of ‘09. Guitar Ted says, “The Fargo appeals to the wanderlust, the adventurer, and the utilitarian cyclists out there looking for something different, versatile, and having big wheel capability. The Fargo is that bike.”

I had a lot of fun bicycle camping this year, and plan to do more camping and adventure style rides in 2010. I know one local cyclist that has a Fargo, and I’m curious to check it out.

Photo by – The Fargo from Salsa Cycles

Mark Weir’s Marin County home burns down!
According to Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, Mark Weir’s Marin County home burnt down Sunday evening, as a fire broke out in the garage and spread throughout their home. The family got out safely after being alerted by the fire alarm system, but the fire claimed the garage which contained “one of the most magnificent collections of high end bikes ever assembled, not to mention the lifetime collection of tools and cycling memorabilia.”  I’m glad to hear the family is ok, but I can’t even imagine what was in that garage!

The Supersonic Divorce Machine
This couldn’t possibly be a mass production machine, but it sure is fun to look at. Here’s a full carbon, time-trial style road tandem from Specialized over on Check out that riding position…yikes!  Wouldn’t want to be the stoker on that bike.

Image from – The Supersonic Divorce Machine

Also worth mentioning…a Bike Carson Photo was selected for Bike Rumor’s Pic of the Day!

Ziptie your tire for better traction has a great tip for winter cyclists without big knobby tires. Visit Bike Portland to see how to make a set of bike tire chains out of Zipties! These won’t work with rim brakes of course, but many commuter bikes now come with disc brakes.

Photo by Todd Boulanger on

Powder Day – Bicycles and Icicles
There are some great winter riding shots and stories over on Bicycles and Icicles, a cycling blog based in Anchorage, Alaska. If you think your winter is long and cold, go check out how they do it way up north!  Fat Bikes galore.

Photo by Bicycles and Icicles – Petra cruises Moose Ridge

Stay tuned for the Bike Carson 2009 Year in Review!

4 thoughts on “Cycling News

  1. “Cool” ?

    You Dork, I have $10 that says you don’t make it from your house to mine with that rainy climate set up next time we get snow.

    Da Beeeers Be a Chillin Sunshine!!!

  2. Lester,
    Will that bet be honored from my house to yours?

    Feel free to grab the Fargo and take a test ride anytime.

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