Bicycle Authority in the NV Appeal

Having grown up in Carson City, I have known Dan Turner, owner of the Bicycle Authority, for many years. My neighborhood BMX gang would often run into his BMX gang out at the jumps in an empty lot somewhere around town, and he was always out at the BMX track too. When I got my drivers license at 16, I gave up on bikes for a few years. I’d be driving down the street in my chick magnet, a Datsun B210 station wagon with a dented up driver’s side, and there would be Dan, riding his BMX bike down main street. He’d be bunny hopping, jumping off curbs, and I remember thinking, “Who would be caught riding around town on a bicycle? How nerdy!” And now look at me today…

Dan Turner – Photo by Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

The Nevada Appeal recently did a “Meet Your Merchant” feature on the Bicycle Authority. Here’s a snippet of the article from the Nevada Appeal:

Dan Turner said his post-secondary schooling wasn’t spent buried in books deep inside a library, but toiling away in the back of a bike shop.

“That’s all I had done was work at bike shops,” said Turner, 44, owner of Bicycle Authority. “I got to learn from owners of bike shops … that really helped getting my foot in the door. That was my own form of college.”

Turner is a one man show at his North Carson City bike shop, spending six days a week inside his spacious store that is covered in bicycle paraphernalia that includes posters of the Death Ride, a 129-mile trek along the California Alps, to former rides mounted on the walls.

Movie Night at Bicycle Authority
Bicycle Authority Memorabilia – Skyway BMX

One thing that makes Dan’s shop unique is all the memorabilia displayed throughout the store. Most bike shops tend to live in the now, dazzling the senses with the latest and greatest. In the Bicycle Authority, though, you will take a walk down memory lane. There are a lot of old bikes and other items throughout the store that aren’t for sale. Brian Duggan, the writer of the NV Appeal article, looked around the store and noticed the old Death Ride posters. I suppose everyone’s eyes focus on something different. For me it’s the old Skyway BMX frame up on the wall. It stirs up memories of the endless summers back in the 80’s when my friends and I would just sit on the lawn, talk about BMX, and think of what kind of trouble to get into next. There was so much free time back then! A Skyway just like the one on Dan’s wall was the last bike of my childhood, the bike that led me on so many cool adventures.

Continue reading the Nevada Appeal article, Meet Your Merchant: BMX kid at heart made bicycles his life’s work over on the Nevada Appeal website.

More info:
What: The Bicycle Authority
Where: 1501 N. Carson St.
Hours: Weekdays 10 a.m. to
6 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to
5 p.m. Closed Sundays.
Contact: 775-884-1555

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