Bicycle Dancer Killed in Oakland

Here’s a story from the Nevada Appeal you may be interested in. I only saw this guy around town a couple times, but he wasn’t hard to miss. There aren’t too many trike riders in town.

From the Nevada Appeal:

A former Carson City man frequently seen around town dancing on street corners on his bicycle was shot and killed in Oakland just before Christmas.

Darnell Jamar Foster, 35, was shot by an unknown assailant inside a Kentucky Fried Chicken about 4:30 p.m. Dec. 23, according to the Oakland Tribune.

According to the Tribune, the shooting happened after a dispute outside the restaurant.

Continue reading story over on the Nevada Appeal.

(Thank you Joe for the tip!)

2 thoughts on “Bicycle Dancer Killed in Oakland

  1. That’s horrible. I saw an African American guy around town many times on numerous street intersections watching traffic and sort of dancing around on a big tricycle the last couple of years when the weather was nicer. I motioned a “Hi” to him a couple of times but didn’t get a response.

    Again, that’s horrible.

  2. This is very sad a friend came in and told me about D a few days ago.D would come in the shop, and I remember once he had a dvd player mounted to his trike, another one that I remember was D and 2 of his younger kids riding in the basket of his trike leaving mcdonalds and all 3 of them had the biggest smiles and laughing.

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