Carson City Bicycle Transportation News


In the Fall of 2009, Carson City cyclists went to the Regional Transportation Committee, and asked for bike lanes to be included in the widening project of Roop Street. And the RTC listened. Well now the time has come to begin the project! Unfortunately, things are going to get worse before they get better. Roop Street will be closed between William Street and Beverly Drive to all northbound and southbound traffic starting January 25th, and continuing until project completion in November 2010! This means that much of the traffic from Roop Street will be diverted onto the New Stewart Street Extension, currently the safest way to travel north by bicycle in this area of town.

Stewart Street Extension
A Quiet Stewart Street Extension

So what does this mean for the bicycle commuter? The southern half of the extension has enough room to share the lane, but north of the curve, the lane narrows and cars must use part of the turn lane to get around you. We won’t know for sure what the traffic will look like, but it may be a good time to start thinking about route alternatives if you currently use Stewart Street Extension during peak commuting hours.

News Release from the City:

Carson City, Nevada –
A significant project that will result in the widening of Roop Street from Beverly Street to Robinson Street and numerous utility improvements has begun this week, and will continue for much of the remainder of the year. When the project is complete, Roop Street will have two through lanes in each direction, upgraded utilities, enhanced bicycle and pedestrian accommodations, and improved transit amenities.

The Carson City Regional Transportation Commission is expected to award a contract to widen the road in February, but utility work has already begun. There will be minor traffic impacts on Roop Street between William Street and Washington Street until January 25, when work will shift to the north of William Street. Roop Street will be closed between William Street and Beverly Drive to all northbound and southbound traffic starting January 25 and continuing until project completion in November 2010. During construction, traffic will be maintained on Long and Corbett Streets across Roop Street, and access will be maintained to businesses on Roop Street. Additionally, Roop Street will be closed from William Street to Robinson Street for a period of about two months. That closure is currently expected to occur during the summer.

During construction, the primary alternative route will be N. Stewart Street – including the recently-completed N. Stewart Street extension. The N. Stewart Street extension now connects William Street to N. Roop Street, ending at a point north of the construction area.

The Jump Around Carson (JAC) transit system will also be affected by this construction. Routes 1, 2A, and 2B will primarily be using N. Stewart Street along with other traffic. Specific detour maps for the bus routes will be posted on all JAC buses before January 25, but passengers can
obtain more information by visiting or calling (775)-841-RIDE (7433).


As you know, the current freeway bicycle trail connects College Parkway to Northridge Drive. It has long been the wish of cyclists to extend this path all the way south to 5th Street and beyond. Chas Macquarie provided this update on the potential extension of the freeway bicycle trail south of Highway 50.

As most people familiar with the Freeway Trail saga know, NDOT was forced to design and construct a multiuse trail on Phase 1 of the freeway from Silver Oak Dr. (formerly Broadleaf) to Hwy 50. However, there are sections that are bike lanes on two streets – Retail Court and Russell Way adjacent to the new Boys and Girls Club. As part of the deal the City cut with NDOT, NDOT is not required to construct a trail on subsequent phases of the freeway, though they did construct the east-west link that connects the linear ditch trail to Butti Way where it joins up with the trail the City paved on the south side of 5th Street. So there is now a good east-west trail across Carson City east of Roop Street. NDOT also agreed to design the freeway so that it did not preclude the future addition of a trail “to the extent practicable”.

Continue reading the Update on Carson City Freeway Trail on the Muscle Powered Blog.

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