Bike Carson Photos of the Week

Here’s another selection of photos from the Bike Carson Flickr Group!

First up is Nevada Cement by Brent Ruybalid. Anyone who has ridden the mountains on the east side of town is familiar with the sticky gumbo, Nevada Cement. It sticks to everything, and sometimes even makes forward momentum impossible. I’ve been caught in a muddy rainstorm before, and had to literally drag my bike back to the car because the wheels would no longer move!

Nevada Cement
Nevada Cement by Brent Ruybalid

Here’s another photo from Antoine at I Bike NZ, reminding us of the plentiful sunshine in the southern hemisphere.

CX Territory
CX Territory by Antoine at ibikeNZ

Finally, here’s a self portrait I did with my Gorillapod tripod and self timer in front of the Brewery Arts Center. These little tripods are very handy with their grippy flexible legs, and come in a few different sizes. I have the smallest model, and it fits easily into my pack.

Kona Ute
Kona Ute – Self Portrait by Jeff Moser

These pictures were selected from the Bike Carson Flickr Pool. Instructions for adding your photos to the pool can be found HERE.


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