Weekend Bicycling Videos

Danny Macaskill

Here’s a collection of videos for your leisurely weekend viewing.  First up is another amazing video from Danny Macaskill.

Hot Girl on a Bike

Ok, this next video is a little strange, but pretty entertaining nonetheless.  Hot Girl on a Bike by the Avi Fox-Rosen Band.

The Avi Fox-Rosen Band brings you Absurdist Rock Cabaret. Whisper to wail singing accompanied by screaming accordion, junk yard razor blade guitar playing, cantankerous marimba, and grooves that make your backside weep. A spiffy dressed man takes the stage and escorts you through a universe populated by hot girls on bikes, religious fundamentalists who worship themselves, and renegade criminal bankers. Enjoy your evening.

TransAm ride, Virginia to Oregon

Here’s a video I saw over on Bike Reno.

Bret Taylor’s view of the TransAm ride, Virginia to Oregon – 4,000 miles

There were twelve riders in the group; one of them, Bret Taylor, mounted a camera on his handlebars and set it to take a picture about every five miles. He strung all the photos of the trail together and added lively music.

Kings and Queens

And finally a video that Brent sent me from 30 Seconds to Mars – Kings and Queens. Lots of bikes in this one.

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