Bike Carson Goes Mobile

Mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone are becoming an increasingly more popular way for people to surf the web and consume information from blogs and news sites. To allow for easier reading on mobile devices, I have installed a WordPress plug-in that senses mobile devices, and serves up a mobile version of It’s a scaled back version of the site, and it loads much quicker than the full version. The plug-in is pretty customizable, so let me know what you think. I’ve gone with a format that shows the date and an excerpt from the post. It works great on my iPhone, but I haven’t tested it with other devices. Let me know if works for your other mobile platforms. Mobile mobile – using WPtouch

In addition to the new mobile version, there are other ways to keep up on what’s happening on  There are mobile apps for just about everything now, and all the resources below may also be used on your mobile device.

Twitter has become a great way to keep up on what’s happening and communicate with others in the bike world.  Cyclists from around the world and even bike companies are making regular updates all day long.  I’ve started to create Twitter Lists for better organization. For an example, look for my list of Bike Companies on the Bike Carson Twitter page.

  • Become a fan on Facebook In addition to sending out Bike Carson Updates and using Facebook to organize events, there are also some links to other bicycle related fan pages off the Bike Carson page.

8 thoughts on “Bike Carson Goes Mobile

  1. My phone doesn’t do that new fangled intarweb crap. As an IT professional having to service computers, cell phones, servers etc at work, I think my mind would completely fry if I had to deal with advanced technology being in my pocket on my off time. I hate to carry my phone to begin with.

    My computer usage at home has gone down in recent years as well. I mainly use it to play games.

    Good luck with your fancy new app, you savage beast!

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