January is Now Complete

Well, we did it. We made it through January! In my opinion, January is the hardest month for cycling. Even though the weather was worse in December, the dark cold days of winter begin to wear down your spirit and motivation after the holidays. It took some discipline to keep riding through January, but strangely enough, January gave me the most miles since last September. Not sure how that happened! Moving into February is motivating. It’s just not very cold anymore, and the extended daylight is very noticeable. Any new snow we get won’t stand a chance of hanging around very long.

Centennial Singletrack
Centennial Singletrack

To celebrate the last day of January, Jeff Potter and I did a loop out at the Centennial Singletrack. I got a tip from Big Jon that the mud was drying up, and that the trails were in pretty good shape, so of course we had to get out there before the next series of storms comes through this week. We weren’t disappointed! The ground was wet, but the mud was compacted. There were only a few wet muddy spots, but nothing that bogged you down for more than a few seconds. In fact my bike stayed clean! And by clean I mean that there is no NEW mud on it. I still need to wash off the base layer of Silver City mud from over a month ago in December.

Centennial Singletrack
The snow has cleared to the east!

If I remember correctly, this was only my 2nd time riding on dirt in 2010 so far! The sunny days have been few and far between as well. But absence does make the heart grow fonder, and the bike and body were willing to have some fun. I barely felt the rock field at the beginning of the trail I was so excited. Climbing just seemed easier too.

Centennial Singletrack
Wild Horses

More often than not, you will see wild horses when riding the hills above Centennial Park, and Sunday was no exception. As we topped the climb, we ran into a herd of about a dozen or more. The final climb up the ravine was a bit slippery and spongy, so it was a perfect time to rest and watch the horses. They paid us very little attention, and kept on grazing.

Centennial Singletrack
A little snow and mud on the shady sides.

After thoroughly enjoying the fast swooping singletrack back to the trailhead, we chased the setting sun back to the west. Along the way we returned to the scene of some poor fool’s 4×4 FAIL. Earlier in the day we saw a group of guys hanging around this unfortunate Ford Bronco, but we kept moving. We didn’t want to get involved in a retrieval or vandalism mission, whatever it was they were up to. On the way back though, the Bronco was unattended, so we stopped to check out the situation. The Bronco was beat up. Broken tail light, broken side windows, missing license plates, and up to the running boards in mud. Just completely stuck in the thick marsh clay. Scenes like this really make me appreciate the portability and unstuckability of a sub 30lb bicycle.

4x4 Fail
Another failed OJ getaway.

Judging by the conditions out at Centennial, Pecos Potter feels it is time to round up the boys for a ride out at Iron Mountain. Stay tuned for dates. Come join the Posse.

19 thoughts on “January is Now Complete

    1. I’ll be attending the Northern Nevada / Tahoe Regional Bicycle Summit in Reno tonight. That’ll be my big outing for the week! I’ll catch the next night ride at Centennial…always wanted to ride there at night.

  1. Can’t Thursday, Bowling league, but Tues. would work great! Jeff P, when do you get off work? I need to come by and get sunglasses that I left there over a month ago. lol

  2. Tonight or Thursday sound great. Anybody willing to push my slow arse up a couple of hills? I’m jonesin’ for some dirt!

  3. This old geezer would be interested in Iron Mountain- as long as it’s an eeeeaaasssyyy ride. A good excuse to start riding again.

    1. I wouldn’t say it was an easy ride, but the pace is relaxed, terrain isn’t difficult, and the distance isn’t too far. Mostly rolling terrain, a few steep but short climbs, and one long switchback climb that is pretty fun with amazing views. If you haven’t ridden yet this season, take the bike out for a couple easy rides to wake up the legs, and you’ll be fine for Iron Mt.

  4. I had only been riding mountain bikes off road about 5 months when I rode Iron Mountain last year. I had however been riding Ash Canyon just about 4 days a week so I was in pretty good shape.

    The hardest parts of Iron mountain for me was some of the rockier areas about mid ride and then the climb up to the switchbacks toward the end. I felt like I was going to die.

    My bike wasn’t great at the time and since then I’ve built a lot of new skills so it will be interesting to see what happens this year.

    1. Your spirits sure were gloomy as we climbed that long set of switchbacks, Jesse. I was trying to encourage you by saying things like, “Wow, isn’t this great?!?”, and you looked at me as if you were about to hop off your bike and bludgeon me with your pump…

      1. Yeah, I was definitely the guy that you couldn’t get through to at that moment. I remember mocking your words in my head but once we popped out on top things were great up there.

        I just think that I wasn’t prepared mentally. I also probably had apple fritters and buttermilk for breakfast that morning.

  5. Apple fritters are great – one of my favorites if I’m going for a pastry fix. I wonder how much they cost at Schat’s bakery? Love their breads too but on the expensive side but they seem to be doing well.

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