Ash Canyon Trail Report

The snow has been steadily melting all week, so on February 4th, I decided to see what kind of shape Ash Canyon was in. From below I could see that the northern slopes were still covered in snow, but that most of the southern exposures were mostly clear. It looked inviting, so I decided to see how far I could get.

Ash Canyon
Jackrabbit Trail

The Jackrabbit trail crosses back and forth across a sand wash several times, so as expected, there were numerous patches of snow to port the bike over. Once the trail climbs to the south and becomes the Postal Route Trail, it was completely covered in snow, and required me to walk until the trail headed west again up on top of the hill. It was nice riding for quite a ways after this, and I didn’t encounter snow again until the upper half of Deer Run.

The snow got a little heavier towards the top of Deer Run, but the Baldy Green trail and Four Day Trail appeared to be more of the same, i.e. partly rideable with a few portages. I turned around at this point and headed down the dirt road to save time and energy. I was able to ride all the way back down without stopping, veering north at the water towers to reconnect with the bike path. Even though I rode down the road easily enough, it was still full of mud and snow, and would be tough climbing.

Ash Canyon
Deer Run

With no large amounts of precipitation expected over the next several days, I expect that the Ash Canyon trails should be good riding early next week. If you don’t mind a little mud and some walking, go check them out now!

2 thoughts on “Ash Canyon Trail Report

  1. Hi! Are there maps or directions to the trailheads available on your site, or can you point me in the right direction to find some (for example, where is Ash Canyon?) ? Thanks!

  2. Karen, the Trails and Rides link at the top of this page will provide you with the info you seek.

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