Iron Mountain Scouting Mission

On February 14th, I joined a scouting party that was sent out to Iron Mountain to check on the trail conditions. New trail was marked, soft trail was packed down, debris was removed, and lots of singletrack was ridden. Here’s a look at what we found.

Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain Ranch

A new trailhead was established at Iron Mountain Blvd. This should make future meet-ups easier. Plenty of off-the-highway parking is available right near the giant Iron Mt. Ranch sign. MAP HERE.

Iron Mountain
Zuesa the Dog and Jeff F

The ride began with an easy ride up Iron Mountain Blvd for a good warm up. Out past the houses, we followed a couple doubletrack roads. It soon became singletrack, and included a newly marked section that took us along the cliff walls of a little mesa.

Iron Mountain
Surfing the Mesa

Iron Mountain
Amanda and Toby

Once down at the bottom of the ravine, we began a long steady climb into the Flowery Range, the colorful mountains of Storey County. Climbing was pleasant. The dirt has had a chance to dry, and the tires rolled well on the al dente surface. A week ago, I imagine it would’ve been like riding on pudding.

Iron Mountain
Exploring the High Desert

Iron Mountain
Resting on the Ridge

The terrain is rolling along the 14 mile loop, but overall the trail continues to climb, culminating with a grinder up several switchbacks to the bench overlook.

Iron Mountain
The Bench Overlook

After taking in the views from the bench and refueling the bodies with some snacks, we began the long descent back to the trailhead. There were a few short climbs, but overall, we had lots of fun, tight singletrack to bomb down. The ground is firm, but the dirt is still on the loose side. Extra body English is required to really carve the turns.

Iron Mountain

Dusty wanted to finish off the ride by emptying the tanks, so I shifted up into the big chain ring and gave chase. Keeping up with a strong rider on a 29er down a gravel road is no easy task. Dusty and his big wheels were like a runaway locomotive, and the best I could do was get on his rear wheel, tuck and draft.

Iron Mountain
Descending back to the Trailhead

The plan is to ride Iron Mountain again this coming Sunday, February the 21st. Come join us! Stay tuned for more details.

More pictures from the ride can be found on the Bike Carson Flickr page HERE.

5 thoughts on “Iron Mountain Scouting Mission

    1. Ha ha…I guess you’re right. I’ve heard that dry creek bed is now a Superfund site. Might need to reroute the trail.

      Dusty emptied the tank trying to catch a very fit woman on a blue Santa Cruz today. He made a good effort starting at the bottom of Postal, but she was still real far ahead on Four Day. They were both flying!

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