Trail Report

The weekend of February 20th brought a big winter storm to the Carson City area. Surrounding areas received up to a foot or snow or more, but strangely enough, the storm seemed to mostly bypass Carson City. We got up on the Ash Canyon trails on Monday to check the conditions. Here’s what we found.

Ash Canyon
Lower Postal Trail

About the only snow we encountered was along the lower trails, Jackrabbit and Postal. A thin layer of fluffy snow bordered these trails, but there wasn’t much to speak of at all on the trails themselves. We encountered a little mud on the lower half of the Postal Trail, but it was still easy riding.

Ash Canyon
Four Day Trail

Once we got up into the Canyon, there was almost no snow. We climbed all the way to the top of the Four Day trail, and encountered nothing that hindered forward progress. As expected, we found just a little mud on the short north/south section of Four Day. Overall the ground was a little soft, but it made for a great workout on the climb. Coming down, on the other hand, was a blast. Hero Dirt was fully active, and brakes just weren’t required that often.

Ash Canyon
Snow is Still Clear on Slopes with Southern Exposure

Looking across the valley to the Centennial Trail area looked promising. I don’t know for sure what was over the horizon, but it looked mostly clear near the trailhead. Has anyone ridden Centennial since the storm?

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