The Evidence Trail

Do you want to get high? There’s now one more reason to love riding in Ash Canyon. Named after a jazz standard by Thelonius Monk, the new Evidence Trail is now the highest trail in the Ash Canyon network. Come test out your climbing skills as you enjoy incredible views of Carson City.

New Trail
West Entrance of the Evidence Trail

The Evidence Trail keeps with the stacked loop format of the rest of the system. It is meant to be ridden in either direction, and connects two of the upper trails, the Four Day trail and Baldy Green. The west entrance is at the top of Four Day, and the east entrance takes off from the highest point of Baldy Green.

New Trail
Ride through Manzanita and Tobacco Brush

In either direction, the trail climbs to a peak in the middle before descending the other side. The west half is more open and flowing, while the east half is full of fun trail features and switchbacks. There’s also a section that traverses a very steep hillside that is reminiscent of the Flume Trail. Since the trail is higher in elevation, there are more trees and mountain bushes to ride through. The manzanita and tobacco brush make it feel more like the Sierras, and less like the desert below. Near the highest point of the trail, there is a nice log to sit on and gaze out over Carson City. If you have the time, take a break and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

New Trail
Outstanding Views of Carson City

While the trail is very rideable right now, keep in mind that it is still fairly raw and needs a little fine tuning. The trail is a little off camber in spots, and the downhill edge of the trail can be soft. Staying right in the middle of the trial is your best bet. It won’t be long before this trail rides as good as Four Day though. Do your part…ride it in and pack it down!

12 thoughts on “The Evidence Trail

  1. If it doesn’t snow or rain on Thursday, 6:15 pm at the poo corner. Let’s get a couple of laps in where we ride Evidence from east to west and then from west to east.

  2. Got to ride the Evidence Trail from East to West today. What a great climb up the switchbacks! I had to put a foot down on two of them though. Nice long descent down the other side all the way back to the bike path.

  3. I had to get out and break in my new wheelset this weekend and chose this trail to do it. I rode from east to west. The swithchbacks were great. I cleaned all but the last one at the top. I should’ve carried a bit more momentum going into it maybe. It’s not quite as smooth as the rest.

    Very well designed trail, J Po, hats off!

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