Bike Carson Photos of the Week

We’re starting to get some more photos in the Bike Carson Flickr pool, so I thought I better get them up for you. Keep those photos coming!

Carson City
View of Carson City by Jesse Richardson

The first photo is from Jesse Richardson, and was taken up on the new Evidence Trail. This is the trail that has everyone talking right now, and is the subject of many photographs.

Jellystone Park
Jellystone Park by Antoine Pethers

Antoine rode all the way to Jellystone Park, only to find that it was closed. Can you imagine? What a bummer! Actually this is part of the Yogi Bear movie set in Auckland, New Zealand. Read the full story over on Bike Friendly North Shore.

Me on the new Trail
Riding the Evidence Trail by Scott Russel

Here’s a shot of me climbing up the new Evidence Trail taken by Scott Russel. What a fun ride! The views from the trail are outstanding.

New Wheels!
New Wheels! by Brent Ruybalid

A shot of Brent’s new American Classic wheelset to make me jealous. I just noticed that the red spoke points to the valve stem. That’s kind of handy.

Log Skinny
The Log Skinny by Jeff Potter

Here’s a photo from Jeff Potter, taken of an unknown rider crossing the Log Skinny on the Creek Trail. A good reminder that if you’re riding up in Ash Canyon, Potter is probably watching you.

Switchback by Jeff Moser

And finally, here’s one I took of Scott Russel clearing a switchback on the Evidence Trail. This climbing switchback has given me fits the last half a dozen times I’ve tried it. Scott shows me how it’s done. I easily clear it going down, so I analyzed my descending line yesterday. I’m ready to try it again.

These pictures were selected from the Bike Carson Flickr Pool. Instructions for adding your photos to the pool can be found HERE.

6 thoughts on “Bike Carson Photos of the Week

  1. that’s quite the perspective from which potter’s shot was taken. does he turn into a bat when he’s not riding or trail building?


    As for the Predator thing, we ALL know they were obliterated by Aliens in the latest, high-quality film titled PREDATORS AND ALIENS.

  3. I believe the unknown rider on the log is gary johnson, me and my dad are watching. this was last year if i’m correct. potter, are you always lurking out of sight?

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