West Carson Trail Report

For those who have been willing to brave the cold and wind, riding has been pretty decent in Ash Canyon. These recent snow storms haven’t brought much snow, and any snow that has fallen, has quickly melted away. There is a bit of mud to deal with here and there, but overall the traction is great.

Vicee Rim Trail
Self Portrait on the Vicee Rim Trail


The Creek Trail is open! Under the snow since last December, the trail has emerged and is now rideable in its entirety. With the exception of a few snow and mud sections to negotiate, some minor rain ruts, and a few slapper branches, the trail is in pretty good shape. Have fun, but ride cautious!

Creek Trail
Ryan on the Creek Trail


The sheep are Baaaaaa-ck!  A couple hundred sheep have recently appeared in the pasture along Ormsby Boulevard, so you know what that means.  It’s time for these woolly critters to get to work eating the cheatgrass, so it doesn’t grow to be an extreme fire hazard.  The sheep are turned lose in the surrounding hills under the guidance of a herder and dogs, and do a great job at mowing the grass.  Before they started using sheep up in Ash Canyon, the grass would grow tall enough to whack your hands while riding the trails.  You can imagine how much fuel this creates when the grass dies.

The Sheep are Baaaaaa-ck!  Sheep along Ormsby Blvd

I checked in with Ann Bollinger, Natural Resource Specialist with the Carson City Parks and Recreation Department, and she had this to say about the sheep deployment:

The sheep off of Ormsby and Kings St. will graze in the C-Hill area, maybe starting in 3-5 days. There’s another band on the ranch at the south end of Washoe Valley, and this band will be in the WNC and Ash Canyon areas. That band will mobilize in about 5-7 days.

While the sheep are doing their job, give them some room and don’t spook them. Go around them rather than through them if possible. Also remember to keep your dogs out of the area while the sheep are present, not only for the sheep’s well being, but your dog’s safety as well, as there are herding dogs protecting the sheep. Most importantly though, keep your mouth closed when riding through the sheep poop.

Sheep Watch 2009
Sheep crossing Combs Canyon Road in 2009

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