Personalized Weather Forecast for Sea Otter 2010

Since Lester doesn’t believe the stories of crappy weather at past events, we’ve pulled some strings. Hopefully it doesn’t backfire.

artwork courtesy of scott shearer designs

10 thoughts on “Personalized Weather Forecast for Sea Otter 2010

  1. We are camping in the E site as well #385. That’s it! If the weather is nice again this year our “lucky charm” will have to show up every year.

  2. Kary,

    If there is ever the sound of a car coming into camp at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and the sound of drunkin stumbling men struggling to set up a tent I can assure you NOW that it is NOT us!

  3. The weather was absolutely perfect. Had a great time. My son Levi capped it off with a 4th place finish in the 15 to 18 XC race, even after dropping his chain twice while in the lead…..Dad needs some mechanic lessons I guess.

  4. AMAZING weekend!

    Perfect weather, fantastic venue and a great group of cyclist.

    I even managed to shave 20 minutes off my XC time from last year.

    Who’s going to Downieville?

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