Bike Carson Photos of the Week

Welcome to another installment of the Bike Carson Photos of the Week! The snow is receding quickly now. Riders are going further up into the Sierras and BMX season has started. We have a nice mix of photos this week.

Ash Canyon Overlook
Ash Canyon Overlook by Scott Meikrantz

The first photo is from Scott Meikrantz and is taken from the Ash Canyon overlook. Not too many people ride to this location because the road to the overlook is really steep. One must go to the top of the Creek Trail, and then continue up the road until it switchbacks back over the top of Ash Canyon. It’s a granny gear grinder!

on the gate
On the Gate by Dan Turner

BMX season is underway! Here’s a great photo from Dan Turner. Riders waiting in anticipation for the gate to drop.

old fart bmx rushr' super skip
Super Skip by Dan Turner

The other cool thing about BMX is that Dads and Moms can participate as well. There are special classes setup so that parents or BMX veterans can race the 24 inch cruiser class without the fear of getting whipped by some kid. Here’s a photo of BMX dad Skip on a Redline Cruiser.

Post-ride Hydration
Post-ride Hydration by Antoine Pethers

And here’s another photo from down under by Antoine Pethers. Post-ride rituals seem to be pretty similar no matter where you are in the world.

Ash Canyon
Ash Canyon by Brent Ruybalid

Here’s a GPS rendering of Brent’s mountain bike ride in Ash Canyon. Pretty cool what you can do with today’s technology.

The Birthday Boy!

And finally, here’s a photo of Marcus Marchegger who just had a birthday today! He got out for a ride with us at lunch today, and wanted to prove to us that he was still young. I tried my best to stay on his wheel on the descent, but I had a hard time keeping traction through the corners at his speed. He was on it.

These pictures were selected from the Bike Carson Flickr Pool. Instructions for adding your photos to the pool can be found HERE.

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