Almost Full Pink Moon Ride

Amy & Kayla
Amy and kayla at the top of Waterfall Rd

Thursday, April 29 6:30pm

Now for something completely different.  We’re going to lead a ride up the
Waterfall Rd, and it’s probably gonna’ really hurt.  This is an out and back
ride which starts at the Kings Canyon Trailhead, where paved Kings Canyon Rd meets the dirt.

From the trailhead the ride starts off really steep, flattens out at Premier Mine, and then gets butt-at-the-tip-of-your-seat steep (2 mile climb.13% avg grade. Ouch!). Once we’re at the top it levels off for a very enjoyable, and short, ride.

Meet at 6:30 at the Kings Canyon Trailhead.
Please be prepared: Lights, food, water, cold weather clothing.

8 thoughts on “Almost Full Pink Moon Ride

  1. “Almost Full Pink”
    “Full Moon”
    “gonna’ really hurt”
    “butt-at-the-tip-of-your-seat ”

    And then finally almost as if was written in small type:
    “a very enjoyable ride”

    Considering the poster…I’m gettng scared!

  2. Would you two like to barrow the tandem?

    CC- There are two private parcels at about the 6800′ line, otherwise it’s managed by the FS or the City.

  3. WOW!

    An amazing ride with spectacular views. Carson riders you’re in for a real treat when we get this thing finished.

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