Bike Carson Photos of the Week

The Bike Carson Flickr Pool is filling up. Time to post some photos!

Foggy Commute
Foggy Commute by Jesse Richardson

We woke up to thick fog on April 23rd. Jesse got a good photo of what the morning commute looked like.

Spring in the Desert
Spring in the Desert by Brent Ruybalid

Wildflowers are popping up all over right now. The recent storms have brought a lot of water to the surrounding areas, and the plants are loving it. Brent took and edited this photo with his iPhone. Pretty cool what you can do with today’s smart phones.

Lester at the 2010 Sea Otter Classic

Carson City riders recently made the trip over the mountains to race in the 2010 Sea Otter Classic. Here’s a photo of Lester crushing the competition.

Two Trees-After
Downed Trees on the Evidence Trail by Jeff Potter

The winds were crazy this week, gusting up in the 60-70mph range. High winds and soggy ground were to blame for several toppled trees in the Waterfall Fire area. Again, thanks to Tank the Dog and crew for clearing the trees quickly off the trail! Also, this should be a warning to riders who venture up into Ash Canyon in high winds. It has been six years since the Waterfall Fire, and the old burnt trees are still falling down. You never know when they’re going to go.

Finishing Maze at Sea Otter by Kary Grabow

Here’s another great shot of the Sea Otter Classic from Kary Grabow.

more riders on the gate
Riders on the Gate by Dan Turner

And here’s another BMX photo from Dan Turner. Don’t forget to go check out the racing on Sunday Mornings!

El Dorado Canyon
Old Prospector in El Dorado Canyon by Kristy Moser

And finally, here’s a photo Kristy Moser took while exploring El Dorado Canyon recently. This old prospector and his bike were nice enough to pose for a quick photo before heading back to his cabin.

These pictures were selected from the Bike Carson Flickr Pool. Instructions for adding your photos to the pool can be found HERE.

3 thoughts on “Bike Carson Photos of the Week

  1. lester moved up a class this year AND cleaved off 15 minutes from last year AND this year’s course was longer.

  2. It was the PBR and Donut on the Final climb! Well sort of Final.

    The real championship for the weekend was won on the Lanes while sippin White Russians.

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