Dirt to Work Day

Wilderness Trail Bikes declared May 13th Dirt to Work Day. I was running late as usual this morning, but resisted the temptation to take the shortest, fastest route to work.  Instead I took the Lone Mountain Trail that connects Northridge Drive to Roop Street.  I’ve been wanting to get up on this trail, because from the road below, you can see the Arrowleaf blooming all over the hill.  I wanted to see it up close.

Dirt to Work Day
Blooming Arrowleaf on the Lone Mountain Trail

Riding the Lone Mountain Trail did not disappoint. The Bitterbrush and Arrowleaf was in full bloom everywhere, and it felt like I was riding the up in the Eastern Sierra instead of a little hill smack dab in the middle of town.

Dirt to Work Day
Northridge side of the Lone Mountain Trail

WTB said to “Take some time to appreciate the natural world around you.” Now riding a bike to work certainly helps accomplish this, but I’ve streamlined my commute down to the shortest route, and have it refined down to minutes and seconds. Today’s Dirt to Work was a good reminder to vary my route and seek out new adventures on the daily commute.

Dirt to Work Day
Peaks of the Carson Valley off in the distance

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