Photo of the Week

Tacos are delicious!
Tacos are delicious! – Photo by Scott C

I wasn’t there to witness it, but Jesse busted out his mad skills earlier this week, catching some sick air over some little huge jumps.  But his skills don’t end with jumping.  Shortly after landing the jump, Jesse proceeded to make a delicious taco salad, demonstrating that he has talent in the culinary arts as well.

5 thoughts on “Photo of the Week

  1. No Blood!

    No Wreck!

    Now stop trying to take credit for a beautifully folded up wheel that you may just have well borrowed from some 12 year old BMXer with ‘da skeellz to Match’!

  2. Thanks Moser…

    Well then. Yeah, I was being stupid but I’ll probably be stupid on the same stupid set of weak 12 year old tabletop whoops again. It’s one of those things you do every day, only last Thursday I entered the path over to those whoops a little faster than I usually do and I cleared the landing on the second one. Unfortunately I was leaning a little too far forward upon impact and ate shit really good. More like a snap sound from the front of my bike and then that sound when the title character hits slabs of frozen cow in “Rocky.”

    Lester, I’m stealthy with my injuries. My left elbow was dripping with the blood you wanted to see.

    I decided about 30 seconds after getting up and discovering my bike was mangled that I was going to smile about the whole thing, which I’m still doing but I’m being aided with painkillers now.

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