Corporate Challenge 2010 Starts Today


Today is the kick off for the Carson City Bike To Work Week Corporate Challenge, and this year  is shaping up to be our most competitive Challenge ever.  

The solo category will be a tight race. So far it appears that all of the entrants share a similar distance to their work place and it could be their trip mileage that will decide the winner.

The percentage of employee competition will once again be a close race. While Redrock Dental and The Bike Smith have a fierce rivalry, it could be that newcomers Hair Studio & Spear Me, or Carson Tahoe Hospital Surgical Unit, will sneak up to take Dr. Drew’s coveted plaque.

Who will win the mileage category is anyone’s guess.  USGS team leader Tim Rowe said he plans on winning again this year, but he has some stiff competition with large employers such as Carson City School District, Chromalloy, and NDOT.

This is going to be great year!  Have fun, be safe, and good luck to everyone!

Monday after work a few of us will be gathering at the Feisty Goat for couple of post work brews. Please join us if you can.
Feisty Goat: 1881 E. Long St. 5 p.m.ish

Tuesday, May 18th
Flat Tire Repair Clinic @ The Bike Smith 900 N. Carson St. 6 p.m.

Bike Smith

Are you the type of cyclist who loves to ride but has yet to learn the skill of fixing a flat tire? If you would like to learn this valuable and necessary skill you’re in luck. Mickey McDowell is teaching a free flat tire clinic at The Bike Smith in downtown Carson City. Mickey will demonstrate wheel removal, how to locate the source of the flat, how to repair the flat, and how to reinstall the wheel. All without looking like a grease monkey. If possible, travel to the clinic by bike, and bring a friend.

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