Plaque Stolen From Dentist's Office

The first day of the Carson City Bike To Work Week Corporate Challenge is off to an ugly start.  Early this morning thieves stole into Redrock Dental and absconded with the office’s Bike to Work Week winner’s plaque!  And the robbery may have gone unnoticed for weeks if not for an alert delivery boy.

Cowbell disguised as Bike To Work Week winner’s plaque.

Office manager Kimberly Landry wondered why the delivery boy said, “nice cowbell”.  She thought, “nice cowbell? We don’t have a cowbell”. She soon realized the plaque had been stolen, a cowbell set in its place.

 Dr Drew was unavailable for comment, but sources said he could be heard hysterically bawling in his office and mumbling the words, “I should have gone
to Bike Nashbar”.    The Bike Smith could not be reached for comment.

6 thoughts on “Plaque Stolen From Dentist's Office

  1. In continued bike to work week ugliness…..some idiots place a large number of 1- 2 ft diameter boulders along the river bike path in Reno this morning. There are several places this has been done, but the largest concentration is behind the RGJ building (just east of the Sutro underpass) so ride carefully everyone!

  2. By some strange twist of events the plaque has been returned. An investigation is pending. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll submit a photo and we’ll see if a secret witness may be able to help us crack this case. Drew And yes the gold would have been a better choice.

  3. Hey, If you guys need any help in the investigation I am very good at following people on my bike and may be able to find the evil doer! I just hope he isn’t carrying a mail bag. Tammy

  4. Did the theft take the cowbell back? I think porcelain veneers cost more than gold crowns but I don’t know if Redrock is in that business.

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