Corporate Challenge 2010 Results

Lily, possibly our youngest corporate challenger

The Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge results are in, and considering the unseasonably chilly and wet weather we had the numbers are very impressive.  Carson City cyclists completed 987 trips by bike and logged in 3,234.26 miles.

This is the third year that Muscle Powered and Bike Carson have kept track of the Corporate Challenge competition, and we hope that you have as much fun accumulating the miles as we do calculating them.

Percentage of participation category:  The Bike Smith took control of this category early in the week. If 100% participation isn’t impressive enough, the mileage that these five gentlemen put in was quite admirable.

Trips & Mileage categories:  For the first time since we’ve been keeping track of the challenge, one agency has claimed victory in two categories.  NDOT rode away from the competition in the Most Trips category with 177, and dominated the mileage race with 757. What a huge improvement over last year’s performance.

Solo: In the solo category Tammy Steele proved to everyone that you can have a handlebar basket and cup holder and still rack up the mileage. Way to go Tammy!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Bike to Work Week Party
The Bike Smith takes the bragging rights from Red Rock Dental

Top 5

NDOT 757
Bike Smith 356
State Public Works Board 293
USGS 239

NDOT 177
SPWB 144
DMV 140
Redrock Dental 83
Bike Smith 83

Bike Smith 100
Redrock 70
DMV 45
Hair Studio & Spear Me 44

Tammy Steele 72
John Aragon 44
Kiersten Briggs 33
Brenda Horton 31

For complete results click HERE

3 thoughts on “Corporate Challenge 2010 Results

  1. Go Lily! Micky, you are hilarious! You are going to have to open the double doors at the Bike Smith all year, just to get your head through!

  2. Great party! Maybe you should have a special grouping for bike shops,gyms,you know for people that ride bikes all the time and have 2 winners.One for most miles and one for riding 100%?Then all the groups that ride 100% must fight for the win you know like in episode 30 “amok in time” on star trek, the one when Spok has to fight Kirk.They do’nt have fight scenes like that any more and the music was perfect………..or maybe roshambo.

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