Bike to Work Week 2010 Wrap Up

Bike to Work Week 2010 has come to an end. Here’s a look at all that went on last week.

Freeway Multi-Use Path Cleanup

On May 15th, Muscle Powered assisted the Chamber of Commerce and others with a cleanup of the multi-use path that connects College Parkway to Northridge Drive. The entrance was the worst, with huge piles of tumbleweeds and trash stuck to the fence.

Freeway Bike Path Cleanup
Freeway Bike Path Cleanup – Before

But with the help of about 30 volunteers, we cleaned the whole place up in a few hours! Full story on the Muscle Powered blog HERE.

Freeway Bike Path Cleanup
Freeway Bike Path Cleanup – After!

Movie Night at Capitol Automotive

Later on the 5th, after the big cleanup, cyclists rode down to Bicycle Movie night at Capitol Automotive. We filled up the parking lot with bikes, and Marcus had a theater setup inside the shop. Pam Anderson down at the new Straw Hat pizza on HWY 50 donated several large pizzas. We had a good night filling up on pizza, socializing, and watching movies.

Bike Movie Night
Marcus and Lisa Marchegger, Owners of the Capitol Automotive Theater

Bike Movie Night
Cocktails in the Theater Lobby

Commuter Libation at the Feisty Goat Pub

Bike to Work Week started off with less than desirable weather. Although the weather wasn’t as pleasant as in years past, it probably shook up the results of the Corporate Commuter Challenge by adding even more challenge to the contest. We celebrated the first day of the contest with a pint down at the Feisty Goat Pub on East Long Street.

Feisty Goat Pub
Commuter Libation at the Feisty Goat Pub

Flat Tire Repair Clinic at The Bike Smith

On May 18th, The Bike Smith hosted a Flat Tire Repair Clinic. Several people attended to learn one of the most important repair procedures you can learn on a bicycle. Think of how far you can ride your bike in an hour.  Knowing how to fix a flat will keep you from walking for miles and hours.  Mickey did a great job with his demonstrations, and then attendees put their new knowledge to the test with various wheels.

Flat Tire Fix Class at the Bike Smith
Flat Tire Fix clinic at the Bike Smith

Flat Tire Fix Class at the Bike Smith
Mickey Demonstrates Flat Tire Repair

West Carson Cruiser Ride

One of the most popular events of Bike Month is the West Carson Cruiser ride. At least 50 riders of all ages showed up in spite of the strong winds for a leisurely cruise around Carson City’s quiet west side.  We always get a friendly response from the residents along the four mile route.  Most people are really surprised to see 50 bikes come out of nowhere down their normally quiet street.  One rider told me she really likes this ride, because she feels uneasy about going out on her own.  It’s a great way to encourage new riders!  After the ride, many folks went over to the Firkin and Fox to warm up by the patio fire.

West Carson Cruiser Ride
West Carson Cruiser Ride

Look for more Muscle Powered cruiser rides to start in June!  It will warm up, I promise.

West Carson Cruiser Ride
West Carson Cruiser Ride

End of the Week Party and Fundraiser

On May 21st, we finished up with the big Corporate Challenge, and celebrated the week’s accomplishments with a party down at the Firkin and Fox. The wind was howling, and the rain and snow were coming over the mountains. It was one of those nights that made you want to stay home by the fire.

Bike to Work Week Party
Plenty of Bike Parking at the Firkin and Fox

But even with the foul weather, lots of people still came down. And for good reason… The Firkin and Fox and New Belgium Brewing donated a keg of Mighty Arrow Pale Ale for the party. We had a whole bunch of prizes to raffle off including two beach cruisers. Singer / Guitarists James Wilsey came down from Reno to perform for us. We huddled by the fire, watched the occasional snow fly overhead, and had a good time.  We signed up a few new people for Muscle Powered memberships, and raised money for our organization with raffle ticket sales and beverage donations.

Bike to Work Week Party
Kathy and Fritz, holders of one of the winning tickets!

It finally came time to raffle the beach cruisers that were made possible by the generosity of Dan Turner at the Bicycle Authority. People around the fire began to chant, “Bikes, bikes, bikes…” as the ticket can was shaken for the final drawing. It was very tribal!

Kathy, Fred, and Fritz always buy a LOT of raffle tickets. And they always win a lot of prizes. Jesse Richardson gave his tickets to them before he left, and as it turns out, one of them turned out to be a winning ticket! Jesse wouldn’t learn of his good fortune for a couple days though…

Bike to Work Week Party
Jeff Resler won this cruiser and surprised his wife with a new bike!

Jeff Resler won the second bike. He was happy to win the woman’s bike, as it made a fantastic surprise for his wife!

Bike to Work Week Party
James Wilsey played us music as long as his frozen fingers could take it!

Bike to Work Week Party
Staying Warm at the Firkin and Fox Bike to Work Week Party

When Jesse arrived to work on Monday, he had a big surprise waiting for him in the office. From the photo, he appears pleased.

Jesse's New Ride
Jesse’s New Ride

And as always, just because Bike to Work Week is over, it doesn’t mean you put your bike away. Keep riding to work throughout the spring and summer. Have fun, get fit, and protect the environment.

The complete photo collection of May’s Bike Month can be found on Flickr HERE.

6 thoughts on “Bike to Work Week 2010 Wrap Up

  1. Thanks for the motivation! A new rider in our office (thanks to Corp Challenge Bike Week) continues her commute by bike this week. Yea!

    1. That’s what we like to hear! I fully understand that it’s not practical for everyone to bicycle commute all the time. With these events though, we hope to reach out to those people that are on the edge of doing it, but just need a little encouragement and support. Each year we pick up a few more full time bicycle commuters. Shoot, I was one of these people just a few years ago!

    1. Success was due to the hard work of many in Muscle Powered and the generosity of many local businesses and other sponsors. Carson City…what a great place to live!

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