Evidence Trail Log Skinny

For those looking to test their skills, there’s a new challenge available on the Evidence Trail. Near the high point of the trail, there is now an alternate route that takes you across a log skinny. What’s a log skinny? Well, basically, it’s a log that has been trimmed down with a flat surface that allows you to ride across it.

Log Skinny
Jeff Potter shows me how it’s done.

I first got up to the completed log skinny last weekend. The log itself has been sculpted for a while now, but the completed on and off ramps were new to me. The on ramp is sturdy and well constructed, made from treated lumber and heavy duty bolts. The transition onto the ramp is further enhanced with smooth and well placed rocks. The exit is made of large, closely spaced boulders, and resembles a cobblestone path. The entrance and exit looked safe to me, and the log itself is wider than the trail I just rode up on. Would this day be the day I tried it? Nope. I chickened out.

Log Skinny Entrance
Log Skinny Entrance

Jeff Potter suggested that I might want to get more familiar with my new bike before attempting the stunt. Yeah, he was right! Did I really want to damage myself or my new bike on its maiden voyage? No way! Instead I got the camera out and watched Potter do the log skinny a couple times.

Log Skinny
Giving the Log Skinny a try

A few days went by, and I started thinking of the Log Skinny story I would write for Bike Carson. For the sake of good journalism, I knew that I’d have to ride the log to write a decent story. I was starting to feel pretty good on the new bike, so I knew it was time to get it done.

Log Skinny
The Exit

So how does it ride? While the entrance is smooth and well constructed, there is still a bit of a bump as you transition from dirt trail, to ramp, to log. In effect, there are three obstacles to think about, the two ramps and the log. At least at first. I think once you get more familiar with riding it, it will be easier to think of the whole thing as one unit.

Once I got on the log, it seemed a lot easier. It’s nice and wide, and you just need to look at the very end of the log to keep yourself riding straight. You always look where you want to go. I did have a strange sensation that my tire pressure was low, and after a couple days thinking about it, it may have just been my knees shaking!

The exit is pretty easy. It’s gnarly to look at, but is actually very smooth. Even with a rigid fork! Walking my bike down the exit before attempting to ride it helped me visualize the line better, and gave me confidence that it would be easy to roll on out.

Log Skinny Exit
A nice smooth roll out from the log skinny

To be honest with you, I did have to put a foot down at the top of the on ramp before riding on down the log. I tried it a second time, but was still too nervous to ride the whole thing. This gives me something to improve on for next time.

While the ramps are well constructed, the log wide and stable, you should still use caution when attempting this stunt.  Have a buddy with you for assistance should something go wrong or to capture your heroics on film.  Although the log isn’t huge and is near the ground, it’s still a pretty good drop to the ground on the downhill side. I’ve already heard more than one story of people falling off the log and utilizing their helmets, so be careful!

Have you ridden the log yet? How’d you do?

21 thoughts on “Evidence Trail Log Skinny

  1. Gee thanks for inviting the rest of us Jesse!

    Speaking of Beers & Logs…wheres the bottle opener that was promised to be installed at the Evidence Pub???




  2. it’ll get done. but i need to find another opener. don’t want to take the one off of my work bench!

  3. Yeah, that doubles as a sweet bench/riding feature. I biffed bigtime off that thing last saturday and starfished down the mountainside. ( Starfish being a cartwheel action where my hands and legs flapped freely as I rotated down the hill.) Lucky my helmet stopped me.. Nice crack in it now so its time for a new one! ( it was out of style anyways) I’m sure that somewhere on the planet Hans Rey was squirming in disgust at my attempted trial biking…

  4. Whoo hoo! Rode it today without sticking a foot down at the top of the ramp! Kristy was watching though, so I had to prove my manliness to her. Knees were still shaking for a minute or so after riding it!

    I may have an extra New Belgium opener I can hang off the side with some twine until something more permanent can be installed…

  5. hahahahaha…

    Moser is trying to pick a fight…or super Motivate XD into getting a real opener up there ASAP cause saying New Belgium to XD … dems fightn werds.

  6. i suppose i could take the one off of the work bench… removed it from a hotel room with a multi-tool many years ago.

  7. Lester, you were there. I think it was your beer too, which makes the memory so much tastier.

    I drank a beer up there by myself once too. Does that indicate I have a dependency or that I’m efficient?

  8. I am getting ready to mold and pour titanium copies of my skull bottle opener. I will donate one to he cause. Someone else can provide the wood screws…. Eh I guess I’ll toss those in on the deal too.

  9. Titanium Skull Brew Openers?

    Sounds like a must have item…how does one score this type of trophy?

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