Marin Bikes Demo Night

This coming Friday, June 18th, The Bike Habitat will be hosting a Marin Bicycles Demo Night up in Ash Canyon!  Staff from Marin Bikes will be on hand to answer questions, and there will be a variety of bicycles to demo.  This will be a great opportunity to check out how different style bicycles handle on the trails you ride.

Some of the details are still being nailed down, and we’ll update you here on as we learn more.

  • What: Bike Habitat presents a Marin Bikes Demo
  • When:  Friday, June 18th, 5:00 PM until Sundown
  • Where:  Tentatively near the water collection pond above the water towers in Ash Canyon.  This area is just below the exit of the Creek Trail.   If you are driving, take Ash Canyon Road to Wellington West.  Near the top of Wellington West, the Ash Canyon dirt access road climbs west up towards the water towers.   MAP HERE.
  • Bonus: Refreshments will be served.

4 thoughts on “Marin Bikes Demo Night

    1. You know, I was going to ask you if you wanted a shuttle, but you just finished the hardest part! Never seen someone climb that hill with slicks!

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