Bike Carson Theater

Here’s a random collection of videos for your viewing pleasure!

Amazing stunt riding…on a carbon road bike

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…stunt riding on a carbon road bike! Show this to your roadie friends that say they can’t join you on the ride because they don’t have a mountain bike.

Nevada pays Reno police to ticket cyclists and peds

Here’s a video that Brent sent me.  The State gave Reno police $36K to pay for overtime to enforce laws and educate pedestrians and cyclists. You know, the people that are causing all the accidents, property damage, and deaths (already about 80 on NV roads this year). Oh wait, those are auto drivers… But it’s true, there are many cyclists that need to learn some rules; however, I don’t think $120 tickets are fair though, especially when there is not adequate bicycle infrastructure in place in the first place. Urban cycling is a mix of following the rules and survival tactics.

Sexy Bike Wash

Open the windows, because you’re about to get hot watching this Sexy Bike Wash video I saw over on


And since we’ve already sunk to that level, let’s check this one out. Another fine video I saw over on A new cycling accessory for women. Use at your own risk!

3 thoughts on “Bike Carson Theater

  1. $120 ticket !!! for riding my bike irresponsibly. Could be warranted but seems kind of high. I try to follow all the traffic laws but I do like to pause at stop signs instead of coming to a complete stop if no other traffic is around. I’m glad that’s in Rhino and not Cartoon.

  2. I bet $120 that while being given such a ticket for running a stop sign on a bike that you could sit there and watch car after car FAIL to truly make a legal stop at the very same sign. You know Legal – as in they Stop BEFORE the line that is BEFORE the crosswalk! When cops start giving tickets to drivers that roll the line and into the crosswalk and usually past the crosswalk I’ll start giving a SH*T about them enforcing cycling rules.

  3. I know first hand about Reno PD and their tickets, I got one last fall. On Record St. and Evans near UNR. There is always a motorcycle cop lurking there to issue citations (as far as I can tell, mostly to cyclist). I was coming down the hill, saw that there were no cars at the intersection and rolled through the stop sign. I then stopped in the turn lane of the next intersection after signaling to make a left hand turn, when it was clear I turned and was then pulled over. I went to court and plead guilty, and got my fine reduced to $50. The judge even thought it was a ridiculous fine. More than anything, I think it is a way to generate some revenue. Most cyclist that are commuting are far more aware of what is going on around them and able to negotiate traffic safely if given the chance.

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