Bicycle News

Here’s a look at some of the Bicycle News stories happening locally and around the country:

  • Ca roule Montreal

Anne Macquarie recently wrote on the Muscle Powered blog about her trip to the bicycle friendly city of Montreal. Read the full story on the Muscle Powered Blog.

Ca roule Montreal – in French that means Montreal on wheels and it’s the name of a bike rental shop in the Old Port area of Montreal. But to me it also means what it sounds like in English – Montreal rules. Montreal is the best biking city I’ve ever seen.

  • Transit officials try to make Reno more bicycle friendly

Full Story at the RGJ

“It’s about doing more complete streets,” said Scott Gibson, a project manager for the Regional Transportation Commission. “It just gives each user group a space to use the streets.”

The concept, called a “road diet,” reduces the number of travel lanes for cars from two to one in each direction, with a center turn lane, a bicycle lane and a parking lane added.

  • Capital City Kids Triathalon

Saturday, July 10, 2010
Carson Aquatic Facility Mills Park
$15 per participant*
Open to kids ages 4 – 18
Swim! Bike! Run! Have Fun!

Here’s the flier with the rest of the info HERE.

  • San Francisco To Launch Bicycle Theft Sting

Full Story at CBS5 San Francisco

The San Francisco Police Department, in collaboration with the city’s Bicycle Coalition, is implementing a new strategy that involves equipping decoy bikes with electronic tracking devices meant to catch not just the thieves who take the bikes, but also associated buyers of the stolen property and members of the general distribution network.

  • Clips of Faith

Local New Belgium Fans may be disappointed that the Tour de Fat is no longer coming to Truckee, but here’s another cool event that is coming to Truckee and Reno. Besides, it was time for something new anyway, right?

The Clips of Faith Beer and Film Tour will be coming through our area at the end of the month. It’s a collection of hand made films from New Belgium Fans. In addition to the movie, there will be up to a dozen brews to sample. Hopefully some of these will be from the small batch Lips of Faith Collection.

More info at the website:

Here are the dates for Clips of Faith:

Truckee – July 30th
7:30PM – 10:30 PM
Truckee River Regional Park
Proceeds Benefit: Truckee Trails foundation

Reno – August 6th
6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Wingfield Park
Proceeds Benefit: Reno Bike Project

  • The Gary Fisher Collection from Trek

Full Story on

Trek has announced a major shift in their relationship with Gary Fisher. Until now, Trek Bicycle dealers weren’t necessarily Gary Fisher dealers, and in some cases competing shops would have either brand despite the two having long been in bed together.

Now, Trek Bicycles has formally dropped the standalone brand and instead created the Gary Fisher Collection, a series of bikes dreamt up by the iconic Gary Fisher, and made real by the design and manufacturing team in Waterloo, WI.

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