Stan's NoTubes Crystals

If you’ve ever run tubeless tires on your bike, or have just explored the possibilities, then you’re probably familiar with the Stan’s NoTubes System. The main ingredient of the Stan’s system is the liquid sealant. A few ounces of sealant splash around freely inside your tires, helping to seal up any hole or crevice that isn’t air tight.

Stans No-Tube Crystal
Stan’s NoTubes Crystal

The sealant doesn’t last forever though, and begins to dry up as the weeks go by. After a while, you may even begin to hear a rattling noise coming from your tires like something is bouncing around in there. It’s been my experience that you should check the condition of your sealant about every 2 to 3 months to make sure there’s still enough in there. When inspected, you’ll often find that much of the sealant has dried to a rubbery mess. But if you’re really lucky, you’ll find amazing fractal shaped NoTubes Crystals like the one seen here in the photo. Upon finding a crystal, it should be saved and displayed in the garage or living room to ward off flat tires.

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