Ash Canyon Trail Map for Google Earth

Jesse Richardson has created us a new Ash Canyon Trail Map! The 2-D image is great, but it’s even more fun to download the 3-D Google Earth version. Here’s his map and what he has to say about it. – Jeff

Ash Canyon Trail Map for Google Earth – by Jesse Richardson

Have you ever been sitting on a particular piece of single track in Ash Canyon and wondered where you were?  The last time you coordinated a meeting spot up on the mountain with a few friends for some laps around the canyon, did you stumble to find the words to describe the location?  Did you even know that these trails all had a bunch of wacky names?

Since the dawn of civilization man has struggled to take in his surroundings and hastily jot down the location of the nearest prospect to provide to his comrades.  Early seafaring adventurers developed complex tools and techniques to properly document strange new continents and great divides.  All of that toil is over with thanks to a great invention, the Geostationary Satellite.  Thanks to Google Earth and a simple bike-mounted GPS, what would have taken me weeks on an Etch-a-Sktech and days to draw out by hand can be achieved in just a few hours.

Ash Canyon Trail Map
Ash Canyon Trails

Ash Canyon Trail Map Download for Google Earth

I took months of GPS data and hand drew each trail based off of my saved routes.  When you open up the .kmz file in Google Earth move it from Temporary Places over to your My Places area to save it.  Then once you expand it you’ll notice it’s broken down by Singletrack, Fire Roads, Trail Access Points and Waypoints.  You can customize your view at any time by turning certain trail features on and off.  Download the file and become more familiar with your trails and plan more efficiently with this trail map.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Ash Canyon Trail Map for Google Earth

  1. Are you kidding? My Etch-A-Sketch skills are horrible. I would have submitted a verbal proposal to a competent “Etch Artist.” The plan would have been to charter a chopper to tour the area, the artist and myself. Jet fuel isn’t cheap so I went with plan B.

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