Kingsbury to South Camp Peak Revisited

I recently posted a story about the Northridge Rider’s trip to South Camp Peak on the Tahoe Rim Trail.  The guys have since put together some more material that needs to be shared.  First we have a video that Brent made of the climb up to The Bench on South Camp Peak. He’s still working on the descent video…

TRT 7/31/10 from Brent Ruybalid on Vimeo.

And here we have a GPS map Jesse made that shows the elevation profile of the trail. He should have every trail in the vicinity mapped out by year’s end.

Kingsbury to the Bench
Kingsbury to the Bench

9 thoughts on “Kingsbury to South Camp Peak Revisited

  1. what is the difficulty that you guys would categorize this ride as? I am a newbie and would love to do this ride but doubt I would be able to do it all that well just yet. Something to aim for early next year when I am in better biking shape!!!

    1. It’s not very long, but there are a lot of obstacles. Seems someone is always getting banged up on this ride. I think it’s because the obstacles are within the capabilities of most riders, and it gives you the courage to try more. But sometimes it doesn’t work out and you go down. You could certainly walk over stuff and make it safer.

      If you’re a newbie, I’d check out the TRT from Mount Rose Meadows south towards Spooner. It’s much more smooth and rolling. A delight to ride, and one of my favorite trails. A good ride is to take the Flume Trail shuttle to the meadows and ride back to Spooner via the TRT and Flume Trail. This section is open to bikes on even days only (the TRT portion…).

      1. Cool thanks for the info Jeff…I am just getting into this sport and recently had a blast (and my first endo) during a family trip to Steamboat Spring, Colorado. I am not pretty much hooked and looking for my first hardtail. I have been testing multiple bikes and currently borrowing my brothers backup full-suspension until I get my own. Since I am new to it I am looking for some good beginner/intermediate trails to get a feeling of truly where I am at strength wise.

        Oh, and I think I rode by you and your wife the other night while you were coming down the hill on 5th street. Hopefully you find that lost Jamis soon!!!

  2. Welcome Greg,

    Another great and relatively easy ride, largely due to it being almost all downhill is Tahoe Meadows to Carson City. I’m taking some friends from Reno on it Sunday.

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