Bike Carson Photos of the Week

It’s been a while since we’ve posted the photos of the week!

A Great Day for a Ride in Carson City.
A Great Day for a Ride in Carson City by Shane Carlson

First up we have A Great Day for a Ride in Carson City by Shane Carlson, his first submission the the Bike Carson photo pool. Nice! Looks like this photo was taken from the lower trails of the Ash Canyon system.

Surly Long Haul Trucker by Desert T

Next we have a couple photos of Desert T’s Surly Long Haul Trucker.  That’s a nice looking ride.  I’m not certain of the location, but I know it’s not Carson City…

Surly Long Haul Trucker by Desert T

Local Traffic by Desert T

Here’s another one from Desert T, a shot of his local traffic. Another indication that this is nowhere near Carson City!

We Cycle
We Cycle by Antoine Pethers

And another creative design from Antoine Pethers of Auckland, New Zealand. Which reminds me…I need to send you some water bottles!

Bike at SLT
Bike at South Lake Tahoe by Bob Moore

Here’s a submission from Bob Moore. A bike up at South Lake Tahoe. With this summer heat, this is definitely the place to be right now.

Rain Shadow by Desert T

And another neat photo from Desert T, Rain Shadow.

Ryan’s last Lunch Ride by Jeff Moser

And finally, here’s a photo of Ryan Madison on his last lunch ride with the lunch crew. He’s saying good-bye to Nevada and taking a job in California. Before he left though, Ryan recently got sixth place overall in his first solo 24hour Adventure Race that took him all over the Carson Range. Congratulations Ryan, and we wish you luck in your future adventures!

These pictures were selected from the Bike Carson Flickr Pool. Instructions for adding your photos to the pool can be found HERE.

3 thoughts on “Bike Carson Photos of the Week

  1. Hey, I recognize that top picture.

    Thanks for the nod Jeff. I plan to ride back up there again later today. Haven’t made it up to the actual trails yet (getting my legs back under me after a long absence from riding), but I hope to in the next few weeks. I have to say all of your pictures and stories from the area have inspired me to get back into biking!


  2. No, I am nowhere near Carson City these days. I left Nevada close to 2 years ago, after nearly 20 years living in, riding, and exploring the Mojave and Great Basin regions. My photos were taken in Middle Tennessee between Nashville and the Alabama line. I am planning on riding the 444 mile Natchez Trace, which runs from Mississippi to Nashville in the spring when the weather is more tolerable.

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