13 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. You guys are making me nervous…what have you done with Potter?

    We rode a lot of the trails today, but didn’t see the tool. Then again, it was hard to look down at Mach V going down the Creek Trail. I could’ve easily ran over it.

  2. Potter is still enjoying riding that ATV…and then watching it tumble down the hill.

    Speaking of Mach V I was just thinking yesterday how much fun the Creek would be to ride on a weekday. i.e. No Stopping…and stopping…and stopping like it is on weekends.

    1. Jesse and I ordered a case from Ben’s, but then they came back and said they couldn’t get it…or it didn’t exist. I’ll find out who the new Beer Ranger is…Cody has moved on.

  3. anderson valley brewing’s Poleeko Pale Ale is around here in cans. it’s pretty good; close to dale’s. found it at the ben’s in s. reno.

  4. Did you hear that folks?

    XD has volunteered to stop by Bens in Reno to ‘Fetch’ bevvies anytime we needs em.

    He’s a quality guy that ther XD is.

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