Adventures on New Belgium Bike

Today I rode the New Belgium bike to work.

I pedaled by the woman on the porch laughing
and talking to the young mother pushing
the baby stroller down
the sidewalk.

Past the aggravated lady on the cruiser that
crashed into the chain link fence who was looking
down at her smashed wicker basket as it lay
sadly on the sidewalk in defeat.

New Belgium Bike

Just beating the blind old man in
the muscle car past the driveway
before he could give me the
left hook for the 3rd time.

Alongside the big trucks pouring
the new concrete sidewalk that
borders the new asphalt in
the library parking lot.

Past the stooped over man taking
his oxygen tank out for a walk in
the morning shade of
the big trees.

Down the stairs to
the basement where
the adventure ends and
the uneventful routine begins.

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