TRT Descent – Extended Dance Mix

Here’s another video from Brent Ruybalid of their descent from South Camp Peak  to Kingsbury Grade along the Tahoe Rim Trail. The video is full of music fitting for a Friday!

Brent says,

This ride takes you from South Camp Peak to the trail head off Kingsbury Grade. The music I chose really flowed like the trail… sooo… I added another song… then another! We have some funk, some funky jazz, and some jazzy funk. The first song is “Chase Me” by an old funk band called Con Funk Shun. Song two is called “Pick Up The Pieces” by Average White Band. Song Three is called “Jungle Jazz” by Kool & The Gang. As always – SUPPORT THE ARTS! If you like this music, find it and buy it!

3 thoughts on “TRT Descent – Extended Dance Mix

    1. I wish I could dream about singletrack. I always dream about boring things. Like sweeping up dog hair or sorting through boxes in a house I’ve never been to.

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