Ash Canyon Picnic Table

Have you seen the new picnic table on the Ash Canyon Creek Trail? Even if you ride down the Creek Trail daily, there’s a good chance you haven’t. I only saw it because I had to stop to fix a mechanical problem at the picnic table trail entrance. Jeff P had told me about the table, but I could never find it.

Ash Canyon Picnic Table
Ash Canyon Picnic Table

The picnic table is located near the top of the Creek Trail. To get there from the upper (west) entrance, drop down into the canyon from the Ash Canyon dirt road. The trail descends west into the canyon, and then makes a switchback at the bottom. The Creek Trail heads east down the canyon now. Ride a short distance through the tall grass under the shade of the big trees. The brief trail to the picnic table takes off to the south right when you’re out of the tall grass and back into the sun. You can see the table from the Creek Trail, so it’s hard to miss if you’re looking in the right direction.

Ash Canyon Picnic Table
Dining a Mile High

The table sits in the shade just above Ash Canyon Creek, and makes a wonderful place to stop and rest. Bring along a meal, and enjoy mile-high dining at 5,482′ elevation.

6 thoughts on “Ash Canyon Picnic Table

  1. I guess I’ll be looking for it…if for nothing else but to cover that sticker with a Big ‘N’.

    Climbed the creek last night but it was dark so no chance I would spot the table.

  2. That picnic table was hauled up and set up by Sean Lehmann and his two young sons. You might recognize Sean’s name because he recently ran for a supervisor appointment in the last primaries and for mayor before that. I believe he is involved in the city parks and rec dept. He is a local doctor that rides a little in Ash Canyon and hikes the Creek Trail with his family. If you see him direct your thanks his way.

  3. Thanks Zac! Glad you all found it and are using it. My wife and I had dinner there the other night (minus the boys), great little spot. Hopefully it doesn’t get destroyed/vandalized. Enjoy!

      1. Thank you guys for building and maintaining the great trails up there! Please keep me in mind if you need any help with any upcoming projects…..

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