Yoga for Cyclists

Although cycling is fantastic exercise, it is an activity that has limited body motion. We spend most our time seated, hunched over, spinning our legs in a 175mm radius. We rarely get the chance to stretch out our muscles on the bike, and our bodies can get really stiff. I’ve found a few leg stretches that really help me, but I’ve wanted more. It’s not just my legs that need to be soothed. I’ve always been curious about Yoga, but had never tried it.

Yoga for cyclists with Uma Kleppinger

I found a great Yoga for Cyclists article over on In the article, Heidi Swift talks about her experience with yoga and cycling and has a great video from Uma Kleppinger. Uma takes you through a short routine that lasts under 5 minutes and concentrates on one side of the body. It’s meant to be repeated on the other side, so just restart the video and mirror what you just did. I spent 10 minutes doing the routine, and really enjoyed it! It incorporated the stretches I’ve already been doing, but flowed through them smoothly. I typically had to stand up and change positions to do all mine. The routine also hits the rest of the body, including the arms, back, and neck, some very important parts that I was missing simply doing my leg stretches.

On her website, Uma Kleppinger says,

“As a life-long on-again off-again bicycle commuter, a long-ago bike messenger in New York, and having raced road, cross, track and mountain bike disciplines, I know all too well how cycling can cause musculoskeletal imbalances. It never ceases to amaze me how people who think nothing of lubing their chain after every ride, or performing routine maintenance on brakes, hubs and bottom brackets never stop for a moment to think of how all those miles are wear and tear on their own bodies.”

Give the video a shot and let me know what you think! Do it in your living room or in your cubicle at work if you don’t mind showing people how awesome you are. Uma makes some of the positions look very easy, so don’t be surprised if you can’t follow exactly what she’s doing. You want me to grab where? I plan to do the Bike Yoga Challenge, and do the routine for 30 days. I feel great after just the first day and am excited to see how I feel in a month.

Uma currently has one book out, Essential Yoga: A Simple Practice for Busy Lives, and it looks like she is working on another book, Uma’s Good and Awesome Yoga for Mountain Bikers.

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