August 21st-22nd Back Country Camp

The backcountry camp this past weekend was a big success. “Bill the Ranger” invited Muscle Powered to help with the construction of the Hobart Link Trail, or “BCT” (Bill Champion Trail), and allowed us vehicle access to the Marlette Peak Campground.

action shot.JPG

The BCT will be an important addition to the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park trail system. Linking Hobart Reservoir to the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT), this new trail will provide a much easier ascent to the TRT by bypassing “Sunflower Hill”.

jean b.JPG
Jean B

With 2300ft of trail already completed, Saturday’s trail work focused on finishing touches the new trail needed, e.g., maintaining proper tread out-slope, proper radius to maximize the flow of climbing turns, flattening lumpy sections of trail, and removing overhead snags.

We started off Sunday morning with a little more finish work, moving forward in the late morning to constructing new trail. We then set up a “fire line”, the first person establishes the line removing the organic layer while the next person takes a little more, and so on until the the last person with the tamp completes the line. This method provides a great feeling of satisfaction, both of teamwork and of accomplishment.

Zuesa at the end of the line.

Cliff Bar added a delightful surprise to the weekend by donating three cases of delicious Cliff Crunch Granola Bars. Thank you Cliff Bar!

Thanks! to the Muscle Powered volunteers who donated 90 hours to this project.

Jason & Natasha Gardner
Oliver Lieder
Amanda Garcia
Toby Welborn
Jean Bondiett

Thanks to Bill Champion for this new trail!
bill the ranger.JPG

We have another backcountry camp scheduled for September 18th and 19th. So mark your calendars and come out and join us for a trail building weekend.

8 thoughts on “August 21st-22nd Back Country Camp

  1. Thank you all for the work! As with all of “OUR” trails, it’s the blood, sweat and beers that truly make them what they are.

    I hope I can make the next outing.

  2. Seems like it was a good time. I wish I had known about it sooner. Already had a trip to Downieville planned when we heard about it. BIG THANKS to everyone who put in the work!

  3. Lester – Hop ‘Ottin’ & New Dogtown were seen in camp.

    Brent – Thanks. I hope you had the chance to ride the new North Yuba River Trail while you were in D-ville.

    Jean – I don’t know what you mean , I think every side is your best side. Thanks for the help.

  4. mmmmm Tasty Trail Hydration.

    Yes Brent I sure hope you hit the River Trail. Amazing!

    Jean…don’t worry the private collection Jeff took and left off were MUCH Better!

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