Photos of the Week

Welcome to another installment of the Bike Carson Photos of the Week!

Schwinn in Sepia
Schwinn in Sepia by Bob Moore

Our first photo is from Bob Moore and is part of his Breakfast in Virgina City photo set.

End of a Long Day
End of a Long Day by Brent Ruybalid

Next we have End of a Long Day by Brent Ruybalid from his recent trip to Downieville, CA. I’ll be posting a video from this trip in the next few days.

Evidence by Jesse Richardson

Jesse recently got this photo of me coming down the Evidence Trail in Ash Canyon. An interesting perspective that really shows distance and height.

Creek Trail
Jesse Richardson on the Creek Trail by Jeff Moser

Here’s a photo of Jesse Richardson coming down the rock chute on the Ash Canyon Creek Trail.

bodie bike
Bodie Bike by Scott Meikrantz

And an interesting photo from Scott Meikrantz, which I’m assuming is a bike in the ghost town of Bodie.

Trail Work
Trail Work by Jeff Moser

What looks to be Eastern Sierra Chainsaw Massacre is actually just a bit of friendly trail work.

29er SS
Haro Mary 29er Single Speed by Kary Grabow

A photo of Kary Grabow’s Single Speed. A Haro Mary 29er, minus the Mary handlebars.

A busy day in Ash Canyon
A Busy Day in Ash Canyon by Jeff Moser

When the weather becomes mild, such as it has lately here in Carson City, you’re sure to see many more riders up in Ash Canyon at the noon hour.

Road Riders
Road Riders by Jesse Richardson

This one is for Lester. Scott stopped smiling for 2 seconds for this picture. Just for you. Tom Price, Scott Russel, and Sandie Ruybalid out for a road ride, photo by Jesse Richardson.

Morning Commute
Morning Commute by Jeff Moser

And finally, here’s a self portrait from a morning commute aboard my Electra Cruiser. When you commute on a cruiser, you can’t be in a hurry.

These pictures were selected from the Bike Carson Flickr Pool. Instructions for adding your photos to the pool can be found HERE.

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