New at the Bike Habitat

Fall is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for next season’s products to start hitting the bike shops! I was at the Bike Habitat this weekend, and here are some of the new items that caught my eye.

Electra Townie
700c 3-speed Electra Townie

The Bike Habitat has recently introduced Electra Bicycles to their lineup. I took this 700c wheeled Townie out for a spin in the parking lot and was really impressed. It’s easy to touch the ground with the laid back geometry and forward pedaling, and the upright riding position combined with smooth and efficient 700c wheels make for a very comfortable ride. The 3 speed grip twist shifting is simple to use, and provides a wide range of gear options, perfect for the flatlands of Carson City. The brown seat and grips matched with the gloss black frame paint adds a lot of sophistication, and the rear rack is all ready for the luggage of your choice.

Endura Shorts
Endura Shorts

Endura has become my new favorite cycling clothing manufacturer with their perfect blend of styling, durability, and functionality. These new casually designed Endura shorts look like they’re made of durable cotton canvas, but are actually a specially made nylon fabric. The shorts don’t come with a liner, but are click-fast compatible.  This means you can purchase Endura liners to snap into the shorts, or simply use the liners from a pair you already own.

Giant 29er
Giant 29er

Giant is starting to put out some great looking 29ers. Twenty-nine inch wheeled hardtails are great for the trail riding that most of us do. The big wheels really smooth out the trail and allow you to get away with less suspension.  Since much of the cost of today’s bicycles is tied up in suspension components, a hardtail can save you hundreds of dollars over a 26″ full suspension bike. This new 29er from Giant is very sharp and looks like it costs way more than it does. The frame design was very interesting with its massive down tube and much smaller tapered top tube. Like many of the offerings from Giant these days, it also comes with an internal, tapered headset, the bottom bearings being larger than the top bearings. This adds strength and stiffness to the front end without significantly adding weight, and also allows you to still run a standard 1 1/8″ stem.

Also worth mentioning, is the Giant Via 1, an around town bike for the ladies that mixes classic styling with modern technology. The sturdy front rack adds utility, and even comes with a flower holder! How cool is that? Photos of the bike on Giant’s website HERE.

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