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Lester rock'n at Kirkwood
Lester rock’n at Kirkwood

“Some say it was Bigfoot, but the socks say Lester”, says Kary Grabow who submitted this photo. Lester was part of a Carson City team that recently participated in a 24 hour race up at Kirkwood. It was said they all raced on single speed 29ers too. That’s pretty cool.

6 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. A great weekend and and AWESOME team! Thanks to Potter, Toby and XD. Learned a LOT and truly enjoyed every cold second.

    Thanks for posting the pic Kary and congrats to your team. It was great to see and chat with you all.

  2. You too Jeff. I had to stop at that point and stretch my back, it was burning. I was doing 2 laps in a row on that stint and my back didn’t like it.

  3. FYI – To da yo yo yo Eeeeeast Sliders…

    der is no 14 rider team catagory!

    And stopping to take pictures mid lap is frowned upon…Moser.

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