Wrights Bicycle Saddle

A few years ago, my dad gave me a box of miscellaneous bike parts that he had cleaned out of his garage. I didn’t consider them much until recently when I started getting curious about classic leather saddles. I went through the box of  parts, remembering the old leather saddle in there, and was surprised to find a Wrights saddle looked almost identical to a Brooks.

Wrights Saddle
Wrights Saddle

My dad says this Wrights saddle came on a 10 speed Dawes that he purchased back in 1969, and it even made a ride around Lake Tahoe in the same time period. He also mentioned he didn’t have fond memories of the saddle, and this may be why it ended up off the bike. I hear they do have a lengthy break-in period.

Wrights Saddle
Side Logo Close-Up

I couldn’t find much information on the Wrights company, mostly just information about Wrights being merged with Brooks Saddles in the early 1960s. I read over on the Wrights Flickr Group that “in 1962, The ‘Wright Saddle Company Ltd’ of Birmingham England was one of the companies taken over by Brooks. This was after Tube Investments, the parent company of Brooks and Wrights merged the two companies in 1962. Brooks became the dominant partner and made slightly cheaper versions of their saddles under the Wrights name. Wrights had a factory at Dale Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham until the merger, when TI moved production to Downing Street to be made alongside Brooks.”

Wrights Saddle

I haven’t tried the saddle out yet, although I’d like to. I tried to mount it to one of my modern seat posts, and the rails didn’t quite line up. I’m not sure if there was a different standard at this time, or if I just need to bend and force the rails into the clamp. It’s not far off from fitting. Anyone know the answer to this?

Wrights Saddle
Top View

Although I didn’t find too much information about Wrights, the Brooks saddle company is still going strong and has pretty well documented history on their site. This gives you a good feel for how old the bicycle industry is! From the Brooks site:

1866 – John Boultbee Brooks (1846-1921) established a works in Great Charles Street, Birmingham for the manufacture of leather strapping for horse harnesses and general leather goods.
1870 – Noting that more and more people were indulging in the new pastime of cycling, John Boultbee Brooks went over to the manufacture of bicycle saddles.
1880 – The first safety bicycle came on the scene and with it the need for more comfortable saddles. No longer were riders willing to accept that the only option open to them was to ride a piece of formed wood.
1882 – Brooks filed his first patent for a sprung bicycle saddle, the first of its kind. After which he went on to file a number of patents for bicycle saddles, motor cycle saddles and other leather goods.

Wrights Saddle
Made in England

10 thoughts on “Wrights Bicycle Saddle

  1. Cool find. I recently had a slight alignment problem with the rails from a new Brooks saddle and a 1971 seat post. I can’t quite recall whether the rails were too narrow or too wide but they were only off by a few millimeters and forcing them into place worked just fine for me.

  2. I thought the Ute would be a good bike to try the seat on. This bike is typically used for shorter rides.

    During my research, one person described this seat as an “ass hatchet”.

  3. Hello, would you be interested in selling this seat? I’d like to replace the one my father broke. We live in the desert in New Mexico and the leather dried out and the tip cracked/broke off. Please let me know if you would be willing to part with it. Thank you!!

    1. Did you get the seat? I found one cleaning out a old home and its in great shape. let me know. Thanks Mike

  4. I had a great Brooks with slightly mis-aligned rails which I flexed & mounted. Being steel, I thought it would be ok. However, the rail snapped so I mounted it on another rail above the coil spring. This also snapped. Its (was) my fav comfy saddle. The rails are narrower but I wrapped a aluminium sleeve cut from a can. Rols is another brand of leather saddle in the modern shape but not as comfy as the Brooks. Lots of leather conditioner on inside as well as outside, helps the break-in period. Cheers, Noel.

  5. Old post but I came across trying to find out more about Wrights saddles. I have a Wrights Jubilee 60 Olympic saddle, not sure about the exactly year. I manage to fit it on the seat post of my fuji track, and indeed, the rails are a bit wider, but just something like 1 to 2mm off. I used a piece off nylon cord (about 1mm thick) to snug the rails than mounted on the seat post ‘et voilat’… it’s has been there for 6 months and so far so good.

  6. This is so cool. I recently purchased an old raleigh record up at the Reno bike project that was used for burning man. Overall, the bike was in great shape, just dirty. I noticed the saddle looked a like a Brooks saddle, but I thought it would just be a cheap knockoff. After cleaning up the bike I managed to make out that it was a Wrights saddle. Research led me here. Such an interesting find! It’s a little beat up, but I’ll be keeping the saddle on the bike for sure now! Thanks for the info! I’ll see you around carson!

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