Photos of the Week

Without a lot of time to write this week, I figure it’s a good time for some photos of the week.

Ash Canyon
Log Skinny in Ash Canyon by Brad Ashley

The first selection is from Brad Ashley, a photo of the log skinny up in Ash Canyon with some nice effects.

Flume Trail
View from the Flume Trail by Brad Ashley

And here’s another from Brad Ashley, the beautiful view from the Flume Trail.

Browns Bay Beach Panda
Browns Bay Beach Panda by Antoine Pethers

Next up is a Panda Portrait from Antoine Pethers, aboard his Surly Pugsley, riding the beaches of New Zealand.  See more from Antoine at Bike Friendly North Shore.

Tarantula! by Jeff Moser

Here’s a tarantula I saw out at the Centennial trail. An awesome find if you’re into large, hairy arachnids!

Walk, Ride, and Roll to School Day
Walk, Ride, and Roll to School Day

September 14th was Walk, Ride, and Roll to School day!  “Come on, Dad!  Do we really have time to stop for photos?”

Riding in the Pinenut Mountains

Riding in the Pinenut Mountains

And finally, here are two photos from a recent ride out in the Pinenut Mountains. It’s a great spot to take the kids, with plenty of trails to ride without big elevation gains. The kids had a blast!

These pictures were selected from the Bike Carson Flickr Pool. Instructions for adding your photos to the pool can be found HERE.


4 thoughts on “Photos of the Week

  1. I recently fractured the C7 in my neck on the same log I was wearing a helmet I doubt I would be here if I wasn’t wearing it!
    I can vouch for Brad though he did have his helmet on for the rest of that ride.
    He witnessed me wreck this time I highly doubt you will ever see his helmet anywhere else but his head from now on!

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