Interbike 2010 Part 1 – People

On September 22nd, I had the opportunity to attend Interbike 2010 in Las Vegas! Interbike is a week long bicycle trade show event that includes an outdoor demo show, an indoor expo, and many social events. I went to a day of the indoor expo, and tried to cram as much as I could see into just a few hours. In the morning I began my tour on one side of the convention center, and started orderly walking the rows. After lunch though, I was already becoming delirious from sensory overload. I was only halfway through the show, and my orderliness had turned to aimless wandering. Luckily I took well over 200 photos, or I would’ve forgotten much of what I had seen.

Interbike 2010 Las Vegas
Brad Quartuccio and Jeff Guerrero from Urban Velo

My day began EARLY. Up at 4:30AM, driving under a full moon, on the last day of summer, to catch my 6:30 AM flight from Reno to Las Vegas. Once on the plane, I was efficiently whisked away to my destination by Nevada’s tourism machine, barely having to think until I was at the gates of Interbike. I was early, picked up my pass, and waited in line for the show to open. I knew it was going to be a fun show when I noticed that Brad Quartuccio and Jeff Guerrero from Urban Velo were standing next to me in line!

Interbike 2010 Las Vegas
Wilderness Trail Bikes booth

Early into the show I found the Wilderness Trail Bikes booth. I was eager to check out the newly released Bronson tires (named after Charles Bronson!). As I was examining the tires, Mark Weir himself came up to ask me if I had any questions. It was fantastic to talk to the guy that helps design and test the products!

Interbike 2010 Las Vegas
Joe “Metal Cowboy” Kurmaskie and Denis Coyne

After visiting WTB, I connected with Denis Coyne from the Bike Habitat. We had just begun discussing our plans for the day when up walked Joe “Metal Cowboy” Kurmaskie, author of many fine books including his latest, Mud, Sweat, and Gears: A Rowdy Family Bike Adventure Across Canada on Seven Wheels.

Interbike 2010 Las Vegas
Jens Voigt

Later in the day I saw people lined up to meet a guy who was signing autographs and posing for photos. I had no idea who he was, but thought I should take a photo and figure it out later. It turns out the rider was Jens Voigt, a German professional road bicycle racer for UCI Pro Tour Team Saxo Bank that has worn the yellow jersey of the Tour de France twice. Hence the line…

Interbike 2010 Las Vegas
Lauren Haughey at the Sheila Moon booth

I also ran into some friends. Lauren Haughey, who I’ve gotten to ride with a couple times, once down in Oakland and once up at Tahoe, was working at the Sheila Moon booth. I talked with Lauren a bit, and she showed me some of the Sheila Moon clothing…Athletic Apparel that infuses cycling apparel with a twist of fashion, without sacrificing fit or function.

Interbike 2010 Las Vegas
Free Tattoos at the Chrome booth

Chrome Bags out of San Francisco was offering free tattoos at their booth. I totally would’ve gotten one, but had too much yet to see.

Interbike 2010 Las Vegas
Boy Centaur at the Surly Booth

I had been waiting all day to get to the Surly booth to see their exciting new offerings for 2011. I finally found the booth and was greeted by this boy centaur! Cute, yet disturbing. With backwards arms.

Interbike 2010 Las Vegas
Canary Roller Candy Girls

There were many folks that were at the show that I had hoped to talked to, but didn’t get the chance. And there were some people that I wasn’t looking for that just seemed to pop out of nowhere at random such as the Canary Roller Candy Girls.

Stay tuned for Interbike 2010 Part 2 where I’ll show you some of the bikes I saw. Flashy, urban, hi-tech, retro, slow, fast…it was all there.

7 thoughts on “Interbike 2010 Part 1 – People

  1. Jeff and Brad are the editors of Bicycle Times magazine. It is an Urban/Commuter magazine that was an offshoot of Dirt Rag. Cool guys non the less.
    Take me with you next year will ya?

  2. FYI, Brian — Brad is the former art director of Dirt Rag. That might be part of the confusion over his ties to the Dirt Rag/Bicycle Times organization.

  3. i saw the mag and did not realize they were involved with urban velo. my bad.
    i knew that both of them were involved in bicycle times and see that jeff is the on line editor for that magazine.
    so, i’m half right!

  4. Neither Jeff nor I are in any way involved with Bicycle Times magazine. Never have been. We each at one time worked for Dirt Rag, but that is ancient history at this point.

    We are co-owners, co-founders and the only two employees of Urban Velo.

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