Sabotage! on the Ash Canyon Trails

Be Alert! Someone has sabotaged the trails in Ash Canyon by digging deep holes in the middle of the trail. The holes are located in high speed sections or in places where you wouldn’t see them until too late. Hitting one of these holes at speed would cause serious injury or even death! We weren’t able to repair them at lunch, but tried to block off the trail with downed brush. We’ll get trail crews up there ASAP to repair the damage. Until this issue is resolved, it is advisable to ride up any trail first at a slow speed before bombing back down it. The four holes we discovered were on the lower trails just west of the V&T bike path (Jackrabbit and Postal Route). No holes were found higher up, but this could change at any time. Trail map here:

Trail Sabotage
1st Hole on the Jackrabbit Trail (Depth indication provided by Robin)

Trail Sabotage
2nd Hole on the Jackrabbit Trail

Trail Sabotage
3rd Hole on the Jackrabbit Trail

Trail Sabotage
Beginning of the Postal Trail

17 thoughts on “Sabotage! on the Ash Canyon Trails

  1. Where is the “dislike” button? What a bunch of crap, would love to catch the hole digger then make them dig a hole big enough for them!

  2. I know someone that saw two people with shovels. I’ve sent an email to get more info.

    On a good note, Parks and Recreation and WNC have offered to help fix the trails if we need assistance! What an awesome community.

    Jeff Resler may already be up in the area with a wheelbarrow fixing the damage. May need some help though…

  3. Thanks for the heads-up!!!

    Somehow… I am not surprise by the level of assholeness that some people show….

    I hate violence…. however, taking into account the fact that the real intent of whoever is doing this is to injure someone…. I would say that the people doing it deserve a good beating….

    Somehow, I hope to catch them… even if just to smack them…..


  4. Wow… now that is seriously f’d up!!! Been riding out there a bit after work so I will definitely keep my eye out and considering those are the trails I ride most.. Wonder if there is some kind of dispute going on between riders and hikers because in the last couple weeks I have seen a lot of arrows painted on the ground as though there were unsanctioned races going on.

  5. The arrows painted on the ground are for the CMS XC team’s training runs. The coach is the one who sent out the initial warning this AM.

    That said, it’s a good possibility that a hiker or horse rider may have had a bad run in with a cyclist and thought this would be a good solution. Perhaps someone needs to be reminded that these trails were built and are being maintained by cyclists.

  6. Jeff Resler went up and filled in the holes! No guarantees that more won’t be dug though. Be on the watch.

    Jeff Resler also removed the latest log on the Creek Trail, and Scott and Lester took care of the one that fell last week.

    Thanks for everyone’s quick response!

  7. Top Notch repair work!!!

    I walked back via Steps and Vicee and that route is clear as well.

    Was today’s tree a fall or was it dragged across the trail?

  8. I rode Ash today at about 4. Saw a kind fellow out there with a wheelbarrow and shovel right as we were coming down that last awesome section. You saved our asses sir. Regards.

  9. Unfortunately there are some people out there with some very serious issues. Obviously whoever did this is mentally irregular. Too bad nobody could catch the rascal (s).

    I’m happy to hear that no one was seriously hurt and I also hope the A hole who did this chokes on their next meal.

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