Bike Carson Photos of the Week

Here’s a look at what’s been going on with Bike Carson readers. We have some Fall riding shots as well as some Spring photos from the southern hemisphere.

king's canyon
Kings Canyon by Scott Meikrantz

First we have a photo from Scott Meikrantz, a shot of his single speed Vasssago at the Kings Canyon overlook as the sun is going down.

Ash Canyon
Jesse on the Evidence trail by Jeff Moser

A couple weeks ago, some of our lunchtime crew went for an extended weekend ride up in Ash Canyon. It’s always fun when you have extra time to play around and take some good photos. Here’s a photo of Jesse Richardson crossing the log on the Evidence Trail.

UNR Cycling
UNR Cycling by Kary Grabow

Next we have some UNR Cycling racing action from Kary Grabow.

Marlette Lake by Scott Meikrantz

The Sierras take on a whole new look in the Fall. Here’s an awesome foggy scene along Marlette Lake from Scott Meikrantz.

Ash Canyon
Sandie on the Seven Steps Trail by Jeff Moser

Here’s another one from our weekend Ash Canyon trip, Sandie Ruybalid coming down the Seven Steps trail.

Ash Canyon
Robin on the Seven Steps Trail by Jeff Moser

We had some great riding this last week here in Carson City. Hours of rain last weekend turned the summer sand into hardpack with amazing traction! And when you combine great conditions with Fall colors and scenery, it just doesn’t get much better. Here’s Robin Sharp (and Sandie off in the distance) heading over to the Seven Steps Trail.

If you’ve been up in the canyon, you may have noticed what great shape the trails are in after the rain. This is not by accident! While most of us were huddled in our warm homes last weekend, Jeff Potter and a couple guys were up on the trails during the torrential rain, watching the water flow down the trails. Seeing the rain in action allowed them to see where water was flowing and pooling, and they constructed more drains to divert the eroding water off the trail. So while the main roads are soggy and rutted out, the singletrack has never been better. Thanks guys!

BarbieFurRacer® B+W
BarbieFurRacer® B+W by Antoine Pethers

The BarbieFurRacer®. Antoine Pethers prepared this 17kg singlespeed race weapon for the 2010 Singlespeed World Championship, held this year in New Zealand. Check out coverage of this race, where the winners receive mandatory tattoos, over on Antoine’s site, Bike Friendly North Shore.

Div 1 start
Division 1 Start by Kary Grabow

Here we have more racing action from Kary Grabow, the Division 1 start at the Collegiate Mountain Bike Championships up in Truckee, CA.

More Penguins
More Penguins by Antoine Pethers

An artsy shot from Antoine Pethers, More Penguins.

McClellan Peak by Scott Meikrantz

And finally a photo from the top of McClellan Peak. I don’t know anyone who climbs this mountain more than Scott Meikrantz.

These pictures were selected from the Bike Carson Flickr Pool. Instructions for adding your photos to the pool can be found HERE.

2 thoughts on “Bike Carson Photos of the Week

  1. Nice pics!

    A big thanks to the two guys who braved the poor weather and helped to divert water from the trail: Toby and Scott.

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