Ash Canyon Trail Report

The Ash Canyon Trails are in fantastic condition right now! There is plenty of traction and no mud. There is high visibility on the Creek Trail, as the leaves have mostly fallen from the trees, and the grass has started to die back. With little sun reaching the bottom of the canyon though, it’s chilly down there, and the ground is frozen in parts.

Jesse and Cortney
Jesse and Cortney headed towards the Creek Trail

Don’t wait too long to enjoy the great trail conditions though! Looks like we got a “significant winter storm” headed towards us this weekend. You never know when your last ride on the Creek Trail for the season is going to be, so get out there.

Ash Canyon Night Ride
Ash Canyon Night Ride

There is also a night ride scheduled for Thursday, November 18th at 6:30 PM. Denis at the Bike Habitat wants to help get you out on the trails, and has a great selection of lights available. Call the Bike Habitat at 267-5053 if you’d like to reserve a demo light for tonight’s ride.

A map to the Foothill Road Trailhead off Winnie Lane can be found HERE.

4 thoughts on “Ash Canyon Trail Report

    1. The Creek Trail is still under snow, but the trails on the southern facing slopes are in pretty good shape now from what I hear.

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