Remembering Josh Lynn

Josh Lynn
June 1972 – December 2010

It is with great sorrow that I write about the passing of our friend Josh Lynn. I really don’t have any details to share, but he left us very suddenly, and I’m not certain that anyone anticipated this. But these details are inconsequential. I’d rather give you a small glimpse of who Josh was in life.

El Dorado Canyon
Josh riding two bikes in El Dorado Canyon

I didn’t know Josh super well, but I’ve known him since High School back in the 80’s. I always enjoyed his stories of the places he visited, and he was just a pleasure to be around and have along. He sure made the rides we did more fun, and I was always pleasantly surprised when I learned he was going to attend.

Tour de Fat 2008
Josh loving the camera at the 2008 Tour de Fat

I feel fortunate to have had a final conversation and some laughs with Josh down at the Nevada Day beard contest. We talked shortly after he and a friend had just got done walking the parade route dressed as Cornelius and Dr. Zira from Planet of the Apes. I didn’t know it was them at the time, but it made it all that much funnier when I found out who it was. Because that’s what Josh did. Josh was great at making us laugh and smile.

Josh leads the charge into the Water Hole

I’ll finish with this video of Josh leading the charge into the water hole in El Dorado Canyon. Thanks for the great memories and laughs, Josh! We’ll all miss you.

I’m still pretty stunned, so please share a story or some words about Josh in the comments!

12/3/10 Here are a few more photos of Josh…

Tour de Fat 2008
Mickey and Josh – Tour de Fat 2008

El Dorado Canyon
El Dorado Canyon

El Dorado Canyon
Prepping the Bike

El Dorado Canyon
El Dorado Canyon

28 thoughts on “Remembering Josh Lynn

  1. I am sick about this and it makes me very sad. I always enjoyed seeing him, had fun running with him in the Prison Hill Half Marathon. – Skip Canfield

  2. I basically only knew Josh from the ride we did in this post and like Jeff mentioned…he sure was fun to be around. Sorry I didn’t know him better. You always assume there is more time….My heart goes out to his family and those who loved him…..

  3. Jeff,
    Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures of Josh. His smile was so beautiful and I was graced with it as the first thing I saw every morning and the last at night. It must remind up all to value the ones we love at every moment.

  4. i can’t believe it. i found out this morning… he and i had lost touch after high school but in the past couple of years had sorta reconnected. my favorite memory of josh was when we turned sixteen. we drove to denver colorado for the international juggling convention. freshly minted drivers licenses and two friends on a mission. we practiced so much our hands hurt. i miss that kid already.

  5. Josh was brilliantly smart, funny, kind and very active with mission work, conversational Spanish, indoor and outdoor soccer team sports and just about anything outdoors, even the dog park. I was privileged to be a co-worker and friend for the past few years, and I am very, very sad to learn of his death. His RCI family and friends are praying that his loved ones will find peace in remembering the great guy he was. He shared something a while back that I enjoyed. Hope you enjoy it, too. Thanks, Jeff Moser and all who are remembering Josh Lynn.
    Meaning: flowing
    You’re serene and calm
    As the ocean tide
    You seem to flow,
    You seem to glide.
    Your inner tranquility
    Is never denied.
    The peace you give others
    Will never subside.
    Your manner is easy-going
    Your heart is always light
    Others marvel in your company–
    You are always a delight.

  6. I worked with Josh for several years, and he was always so much fun around the office. At least when he wasn’t heading down to do Nicaragua to do humanitarian work. I still remember one Halloween when I saw a baby in a bassinet, but when I looked at the baby’s face it was Josh! We’re all still shocked that he’s gone.

  7. Josh, along with Keith and Alex, helped install the lower and middle bridges on the Creek Trail. He also offered a couple of “trail flow” suggestions which positively influenced the design of the trail.

    We’ll miss you, Josh

  8. One of many of Josh’s gifts was his sense of humor. He could turn a bad day into a wonderful adventure. He left me a better person having known him and being one of his close friends. He also loved the sliver moon. Everytime I see one, I think of him and remember how even the smallest of memories are so precious. Ride on, run on, and laugh on Josh. Celeste

  9. Josh! Laughter, kind, loving, smart, sincere,good looking.. FUN! Always up for an adventure! He made my world a better place. Oh how I miss him! Thank you Lynne for sharing the Lynn poem. Josh Lynn was such a delight!

  10. I can hear Josh hooping and hollering as we blasted through that creek in Eldorado Canyon now.

    You will be missed, remembered and Loved by ALL of Bike Carson.

  11. Memories of Josh always make me smile. I loved how smart and talented he was, and just plain silly at the same time. Over the years we hiked, biked and sailed together. He was the first person to take me through El Dorado Canyon. We celebrated many Nevada Days, Halloweens and New Year’s together too. But since he was also a trained forester, he felt like this kindred spirit and someone I enjoyed talking about trees and plants with, and about his on-going experiences with sustainable forestry in Nicaragua. Recently while on the western slopes we took a break from wine tasting and walked through the trees to look at a particular understory plant (Josh, if you ever see this, that plant that stumped us is called Mountain Misery). He bought me a framed mounting of a fern for Christmas one year that still hangs in my home. I have sooo many good memories of good times shared with Josh – and I know he had many more friends that loved him as much and even more than me. I will miss Josh greatly, and my heart and prayers go out to all his friends and family.

  12. I loved how smart, enthusiastic, playful, and caring Josh was. He was fun to talk to because he saw humor in lots of things and had a very nimble mind. We had a great time together a few years ago on a weekend trip to Stinson Beach where we both ran the grueling Muir Woods 15-mile hill fest. He was always up for an outing and always showed up with a light happy-go-lucky attitude with no ego.

    I hoped that his physical activity would keep him out of the abyss. He attended my meditation group for awhile, but stopped coming after one evening when he had a lot of upwelling emotion. It’s too easy to look at such a talented wonderful person and expect that he should be able to get over his internal struggles. It’s sad that he didn’t and I’ll miss him, but he was a great guy and I have lots of happy memories.

  13. As far as Josh we can look at a life well lived and use it as an example for ourselves. To me Josh as a human being was 99 on a scale to 100. In the long run how he died will be irrelevant, it was how he lived.

    I knew Josh through Nicaragua, meeting him there in 2001. We returned together in 2005, 2006 and 2008. I relish the memory of the greetings, smiles and laughter of the Nicaraguans seeing him anew after a few years away. It was obvious that this Gringo was well loved by the communities he served. He also had numerous friends here in Chicago. We will miss him greatly, like many of the local commentators above.

  14. I heard this awful news yesterday and it packed a terrible blow to my heart. My mind was left spinning trying to digest the reality of this great loss.

    I only got to know Josh in the past five years or so. I did not see him often but always enjoyed his company when I did. Quick wit, real funny, intelligent, kind… such a first rate clown. We shared some big laughs for sure. I will always value that.

    He made a connection with me as he clearly did with so many in this community and beyond. I’m wishing peace and strength for everone who was affected.

    Blessings for Josh. El capitan de los Carsoneros.

  15. As I read through what others have shared about Josh Lynn tears stream down my face. It has probably been ten years since i have physically seen Josh. Or anyone else from Carson (cartoon) but it definately does not feel like it. Friends like that do not change. You are all correct. Josh always made us laugh. always the skinny goof making a ridiculously funny face that you could not help but laugh at. I remember a moped ride on a cold winter night and laughing my ass off all because of Josh. Josh know that you are loved and missed near and far, from grade school to high school, college, and obviously beyond.
    I remember when you became my “friend” on facebook, i thought Geez the turd still looks the same and still smiling. No fair.
    Lots of love to you and yours,

  16. I’m sorry I never got a chance to meet this amazing person. My heart goes out to his family, friends and Karen. My deepest sympathy to all who were fortunate enough to know him.

  17. For a few years Josh and I seemed inseparable. This was back in Jr. High & High school. My life was for every changed having meet such a wonderful larger than life friend.

    We shared a locker at one point that people would come and add their chewed gum to… we were building a gum wall. ( I can’t remember why exactly but it did not matter as to why we did anything.) At the time we had a sign the said “Anyone over 5’5″ are mutants.” Then Josh grew…. and grew!

    He was there when I turned 16, I was small and could barley see over the steering wheel. He gave me two things when I got my drivers license: a very nicely taped up phone book so that I could sit on to see; and a shoe that was painted and decorated. It said “Now that I was able to drive I would never be have to walk were I needed to go, now it was a choice. I still have that shoe.

    I truly miss my old friend and still think of him as larger than life. Thank you for being my friend. You changed my life in more ways than you will ever know. I just wish I could have been as good a friend to you.

    Andy Duarte

  18. I just heard about Josh this morning. I met Josh In August 2000 as we prepared to go to Nicaragua for the next few years. We became fast friends and I am grateful for the many memories I have with him. My heart goes out to his family and friends. He will be sorely missed by the Jesuit Volunteer community. Viva Josue!!

  19. Josh and I worked together at RCI, but we also shared many hours on the trails preparing for various running races. Josh and I (and other great people I can now call friends) spent many hours preparing for the Prison Hill Half Marathon, the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Run and the DeCelle Relay…to name only three. He always put a smile on my face with his good natured personality. After runs, we shared stories over beers and enjoyed many BBQs. It is a shame we lost someone that was so adored by so many people. At times we all feel alone and feel like the weight of the world is barreling down. It is important to remember friends and family, and take great joy in the times we get to spend with them. I’m glad I was fortunate enough to know Josh. He will be missed!

  20. After reading this, I thought to myself that I had never ridden bikes with Josh. But after a little bit of reminiscing, I realized that I kind of had ridden with him. We had gone for a hike up at Lake Tahoe and had taken Whitney, Alex K’s dog. After hiking up the trail, Josh thought it would be fun to ride down. So we ran down the trail going off “jumps” and doing 360s and other tricks in the air pretending we were riding bikes. G-force banked turns with all the effects. Josh insisted that I ride as well. He was beyond fun and very goofy. Every moment I spent with Josh was real. He was the most genuine person I knew. He willed be missed.

  21. Josh’s viewing and rosary will be Monday, December 6 at Walton’s Funeral Home at 7pm. There will be get-together at Phil and Tina’s house at the NE corner of Telegraph and Mountain St. afterward.

    Josh’s service will be Tuesday, December 7 at Saint Teresa’s Catholic Church at 11am. There will be another get-together that evening at 811 Weninger Dr. at the Bierman’s house.

    Everyone that has a Josh story (or would just like to hear them) is invited to the get-togethers mentioned above.

    Thank you Jeff, I don’t think you know what this posting has meant to some people.

    1. I remember watching an eclipse with him through somebody’s xray. He was the one who knew we could use an xray, he was so knowledgeable it seemed to me he knew everything. He was like my older brother who knew all the tricks to life. Walking down his old block in Nicaragua with firecrackers going off because it was December. Laughing, always laughing. In awe of nature and what was happening all around us. On the back of the moto, playing the water jugs or monopoly, he was always so insightful and funny. I look up to him, he is someone I strive to be more like every day and I will never forget the many lessons he taught me. Descanses en paz hermano y que estes con tu Madre y Max.

  22. Thank you Jeff for creating this wonderful space for friends to share their beautiful memories. I just learned today and am extremely heartbroken. I met Josh my senior year in college, introduced through mutual friends. He was my first love. It was hard not to fall in love with him – he was charismatic, funny, adventurous, passionate, and always generous. I loved his family and am saddened to hear that his mother had passed last year. The last time I saw Josh was nearly seven years ago at our friend’s wedding. She purposefully sat us next to each other. We talked and danced the entire evening – itt was as if no one else was in the room – we picked up where we had left off. Unfortunately, that was the last time I had seen or heard from him. He remains forever in my heart.

  23. What a beautiful bunch of people, remembering a beautiful, spiritual, all loving, all giving person. I loved Josh from the first moment I met him, I had been friends with his parents long before I met him and loved them, then when I realized he was their son it all made sense. He made a differnence in this world and in mine, and I will truly miss him. I love you Josh, my thoughts and prayers with his family and friends…………………………

  24. Hello everybody. I was Josh’s roommate in college at Colordo State University. I am very sad to have learned that Josh had passed on. Peace and low stress to all his family and friends.

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