Bike Carson Photos of the Week

…and we’re back! It was a busy couple weeks of good riding without a lot of time for writing. Let’s get caught up now with a mix of reader submitted photography and some of my own pictures and stories.

Levi @ District CX championships, Reno
Levi @ District CX championships in Reno by Kary Grabow

First we have some CX championships racing action in Reno from Kary Grabow.

Paul Bass
Paul Bass at the Bicycle Authority

Here’s a photo from the Bicycle Authority taken by Dan Turner, Paul Bass and his new 2011 Kona Cowan frame.  Who’s Paul Bass you say?  He’s a Kona Bikes pro rider, and is the guy that did a back flip over Ash Canyon road.  Here’s a video of that stunt HERE.

bicycle authority team
Last race of the 2010 Season from Dan Turner

Here’s a photo of the Bicycle Authority BMX team at the last Carson race of the 2010 season.

Furly Night Commuter
Furly Night Commuter by Antoine Pethers

Here’s a photo from Antoine Pethers in New Zealand, riding his fur covered Surly, or “Furly” as he calls it. Antoine says, “Riding home from work on the East Coast Bay’s ‘Share with Care’ bike path. It’s nice to be physically separated from the drunks at this hour of the night. Getting warm in Auckland, shorts and a t-shirt at 10.30pm.”

More great photos and writing can be found on Antoine’s blog, Bike Friendly North Shore.

Karate Monkey
Frozen singletrack along the V&T Trail

Winter storms left the foothills covered in snow for days. Cold temperatures made the trails packed and frozen though, and we actually got some good riding in. It was definitely slow going and challenging, but the changing conditions really keep the same old trails interesting!

Robin riding Lakeview
Robin Sharp riding the slushy snow above Lakeview.

Lakeview Hill
Ashley Dale dropping down to the V&T

After our cold spell, the temperature warmed up at the noon hour, and the snow became butter cream frosting. Instead of riding on top of it, we were sliding through it, fighting to stay upright. There was walking and crashing involved at times which caused mixed emotions from the riders. Some grumbled, some laughed.  I don’t think anyone cried.  But in the end, it’s still nice to get out. Winter can be tough!

Rainbow Monkey
Rainbow Monkey

Last week the snow left the flats and southern facing slopes, leaving the trails in epic conditions. Hard packed sand with very little rolling resistance and tons of traction. Hero Dirt. One day we even had a rainbow to ride under.

Four Day Trail
Tom on the Four Day Trail

Although the Creek Trail is still under the snow at the bottom of the canyon, all the other trails were open in Ash Canyon including the higher elevation Evidence Trail. Clearing the switchbacks on this trail has never been easier!

Jingle Bell Run
Jingle Bell Run

Last weekend, my friend Brent and I had the opportunity to be ride leaders for the 5K Jingle Bell Run. I stayed up front with the leader to make sure people knew the course, and Brent floated around and helped with problem traffic areas. The runners were all decked out in Santa hats and jingle bells. What a good time!

I ain’t got no brakes!

We’ll finish with this video. Scott Russel demonstrates why disc brakes are a better idea on a snow bike!

These pictures were selected from the Bike Carson Flickr Pool. Instructions for adding your photos to the pool can be found HERE.

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